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    Do We Have a Deal?

    Melvin’s jaw tightened as he looked around the room at the bloody mess; his eyes then finding the 4 woman and little girl in front of him.

    “Melvin?” Peggy said, standing up, “do we need to have another demonstration?”

    George quickly stood up, “no… we are fine. We agree… we will send you $500,00 a year and not send anyone after you—”

    “How is this better?” Melvin asked, his eyes narrowing… “you said you can erase our memory… why not just do that?”

    George swallowed hard as he watched the darkness swarm into Fiona’s eyes.

    “Because darlin’… the more money we have… the more power we have… isn’t that how this works?”

    Melvin’s eyes reached the dark hazel ones in front of him, “you are just a greedy bitch.”

    “Oh, honey… you only live one life,” Fiona answered, stepping forward towards the lawyer. “More money means we can have the resources to locate more of us… which leads to more power. Do I have to draw you up a map?”

    “I don’t appreciate people- especially of your kind,” Melvin said, standing up and stepping closer to Fiona, “insulting my intelligence.”

    “It’s a deal,” George said from behind; his eyes reaching Fiona’s. “We have a deal.”

    “Good,” Fiona said, nodding as she picked Tina up in her arms as she nodded towards the group. “Oh… you will also be sending Marie money as well… same amount.”

    “Yes,” George nodded, pleading with Melvin not to say anything.

    “Let’s go,” Fiona said, flicking her wrist to open the door as she carried out a now sleepy Tina. Marie smirked as she looked at the bloody mess on the ground; Phyllis followed, stealing a cocktail from the table.

    Peggy stood and walked towards the two remaining men left, “I hope you don’t deceive us,” she threatened as she flicked her wrist; the bodies disappearing as the room became spotless. “The Matriarch doesn’t like cleaning up her messes…”

    Melvin watched as the women disappeared from the room.

    “Well…” George swallowed as he sat down in his chair; his body still shaking from what he witnessed… “at least we are alive.”

    Melvin’s eyes narrowed as he looked at the man, “we just made a deal with demons….”

    “And we are alive,” George stressed… “They get their funding from us… we leave them alone and we live… simple.”

    Melvin’s fist tightened even more as he stared at the blank wall… “For now,…”


    1. Zhenya says

      Hi! Thank you for the chapter!

      Very interesting how Tina imagine her talk with Bette about who she is. “Honey, don’t be scared but i’m immortal witch, who kill with cold blood who i want and when i want? By the way – i really don’t remember how many peoples i killed – maybe hundreds or thousands.”?

    2. Angel1981 says

      Thanks for the new update!

      Very interested in this story and i hope you would continue to write it.

      I have mixed feelings about Tina in this story. From one side – it’ s Tina and i always love her. From another – she absolutely don’t have humanity besides her coven of witches.
      Very interesting where you can lead this story.

    3. Bibi28 says

      Hey Kylie,

      Want to let you know i still follow everything you write!

      It will be a very interesting conversation between Bette & Tina and how Bette will deal with it.

      Hmm, Marie and Fiona operated together years ago, wonder why they are now at war with each other.

      And yes, i agree with Shane that she is fucked a big time! But i think her friendship with Bette will prevail in the end.

      Looking forward to the next chapter and a new chapter from Hidden Past!

    4. Jordan Springs says

      I am enjoying this story a lot. Bette seems to be out of her depth. There are more rude shocks when Tina reveals that she is a witch and that Melvin and Shane want to kill Tina and her coven. Will Helena play fair with Bette if Tibette’s relationship become serious?

    5. BnTinmyhead says

      Ok so I clearly had Mervin all wrong lol.. not sure how he thinks he can kill them now.
      Ok so I love me some Stevie, my favorite is Landslide.
      Love this story lots of twists and turns I really like the connection Bette and Tina have.I love it thst its Bette’s first real love. Thank you. Happy writing.

    6. kiwipit says

      Thanks for posting! I’m happy that you didn’t give up on this story.

      I hope that Shane will see that Melvin isn’t any better than Fiona and she’ll talk to Bette. It’s funny how many ways there are to write Melvin as the obstinate, not likable person that he was in the show ;-)

      Seems like the conflict between the witches will soon escalade. Let’s see if they are able to work together when Melvin attacks.

      Please continue!

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