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    Doubts and Insecurities

    Weeks later, Tina’s alarm blares throughout the room causing Bette to immediately roll over and turn it off. She groans, and she stretches her tired limbs and then opens her eyes to see Alice sitting on the edge of the bed.

    Bette: Alice Pieszecki?

    Alice smiles and waves at Bette.

    Alice: Hey there…. ‘bout time one of you woke up.

    Bette glances at Tina who is sleeping soundly.

    Bette: What is the meaning of this intrusiveness into Tina’s sleeping quarters?

    Alice: Dane and I have been waiting for like an hour for you guys…. we’re supposed to go to breakfast. Remember?

    Bette: Oh…. yes. My apologies. I shall awaken Tina and we will be ready to leave momentarily.

    Alice smiles and stands up from the bed.

    Alice: Cool beans…. hurry up I’m timing you guys so no hanky panky.

    Bette’s confused by Alice’s last statement but doesn’t let on.

    Bette: Yes, of course not.

    Alice walks out of the room and then turns and taps her watch before closing the door. Bette looks over and gently rubs Tina’s cheek with her thumb.

    Bette: Baby?

    Tina groans and shoos Bette’s hand away.

    Tina: Stop that.

    Bette smiles and rubs Tina’s face again.

    Bette: You must open those beautiful eyes of yours…. we are on the clock and must not hanlky pankly around.

    Tina slowly opens her eyes and smiles at Bette.

    Tina: What?

    Bette: Time is ticking, we are having our morning meal with Alice and Dana and we are officially on the clock….no hankly pankly.

    Tina smiles as she looks at her clock.

    Tina: First of all, I think you mean Hanky Panky….and you do know that’s a term used for sex, right?

    Bette: No, I had no knowledge…. I would have never agreed to such demands if I had been aware.

    Tina: Who made the demand?

    Bette: Alice Pieszecki, she was sitting on the edge of the bed when I awakened.

    Tina rolls her eyes and sits up.

    Tina: I’ve asked her on many occasions to stop doing that. It’s weird and scares the shit outta me.

    Bette:(smiles) Yes, it was quite alarming…

    Tina climbs out of bed and Bette smiles at the sight of her naked girlfriend.

    Bette: Good thing I didn’t agree to any demands last night.

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    1. Hi Browneyedgirl28,

      I am so happy that you are back with another chapter of this story, but i must admit my heart broke for Bette at the end.

      Of course i understand that it ask a lot of Tina, all the changes, a potentially other life with people she knows nothing about and that she must be 100% sure that she is ready for it, but running away after one talk with Melvin? Instead of talking with Bette about it. I can fully understand Bette’s reaction and her thinking that this is just delaying the inevitable.

      I know you are a Tibetter and i count on it that you will not break them up, at least not forever. But i could really feels Bette’s pain. And she still stays polite and welbehaved.

      I love this story. Thank you for the update!

    2. I clutched my heart when I seen this…this is one of my favorite stories of yours…well i say that on all your posts lol, you’re my favorite writer as you already know, soooo happy for this update I had to comment before I read it. ok now let me go catch up.

    3. Hi, thanks for the chapter!

      I don’t like your Tina in this story, and althought i’m truly Tibetter in this case i think Bette needs to move on from Tina. Because this Tina never trully loved this Bette if only after one talk she ready to escape.

    4. Glad to see a new chapter to this story just reread it and the new it.. I do not doubt Tina’s love for Bette…But I’m sure anyone in her place being asked on demand in that way and laying all the cards on the table would spook them. I mean they just found out that some of Bette’ people did servive. And even Bette is having trouble adjusting to being Royal family again.. It’s just a lot to take in..brfore it was just a father and sister.. now she would be by Bette’ s side producing Royal children…this would be a very big thing to pull off ..friend family..she would have to live yo lifes…
      Great story waiting for more..

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