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    Doubts and Insecurities

    Tina glances back and smirks at Bette as she ties her robe.

    Tina: Yes, it is….

    Bette laughs and then grabs her ringing cell phone from the bedside table.

    Bette: Hello father…. what? …. but it is my free day? ….

    Bette glances at Tina as she continues her conversation.

    Bette: Fine, I shall come after I am done with my morning meal….no I promised my friends….

    Bette sighs deeply and shakes her head.

    Bette: Okay, I’m on my way.

    Bette ends the call and looks at a less than enthused Tina.

    Bette: Sweetheart I….

    Tina: Must go…. yes, that’s been the theme around here lately.

    Bette: My apologies it’s just we’re still trying to get our people settled. It will take time.

    Tina: I know….it still sucks. We barely get to spend any time together.

    Bette climbs out of bed and hurries over to Tina.

    Bette: This will change soon…. you have my promise. Once things slow down things will go back to normal…. normal for us at least.

    Tina looks down and smiles a little.

    Bette: Yes, there is the smile that has brighten my days since day one of my arrival.

    Tina looks up and pecks Bette on the lips.

    Tina: No sweet talk or I’m afraid I’ll have to make you break your promise to Alice.

    Bette laughs as she leans back in and gives Tina a proper good morning kiss.

    Bette: I love you

    Tina: I love you too baby

    Their moment is interrupted by Tina’s cell phone ringing.

    Bette: Do you need to answer that?

    Tina: No…. probably my parents again.

    Bette: Perhaps it’s time to….

    Bette stops talking when she sees the stern expression on Tina’s face.

    Bette: Never mind….

    Tina: I’m in the shower….

    Tina walks over to the door and stops and turns back to Bette.

    Tina: You coming? I’m suddenly in the mood for a little hanky panky.

    Bette smiles and wags her finger at Tina.

    Bette: Oh, no…. I’ve already given my word that no such thing would happen.

    Tina: Okay…. how about just some hanky…. leave the panky out of it?

    Bette ponders for a second before she shrugs.

    Bette: I suppose it would be okay to leave the panky out?

    Tina: Good then let’s go. I plan on sending you to work very tired.


    1. Hi Browneyedgirl28,

      I am so happy that you are back with another chapter of this story, but i must admit my heart broke for Bette at the end.

      Of course i understand that it ask a lot of Tina, all the changes, a potentially other life with people she knows nothing about and that she must be 100% sure that she is ready for it, but running away after one talk with Melvin? Instead of talking with Bette about it. I can fully understand Bette’s reaction and her thinking that this is just delaying the inevitable.

      I know you are a Tibetter and i count on it that you will not break them up, at least not forever. But i could really feels Bette’s pain. And she still stays polite and welbehaved.

      I love this story. Thank you for the update!

    2. I clutched my heart when I seen this…this is one of my favorite stories of yours…well i say that on all your posts lol, you’re my favorite writer as you already know, soooo happy for this update I had to comment before I read it. ok now let me go catch up.

    3. Hi, thanks for the chapter!

      I don’t like your Tina in this story, and althought i’m truly Tibetter in this case i think Bette needs to move on from Tina. Because this Tina never trully loved this Bette if only after one talk she ready to escape.

    4. Glad to see a new chapter to this story just reread it and the new it.. I do not doubt Tina’s love for Bette…But I’m sure anyone in her place being asked on demand in that way and laying all the cards on the table would spook them. I mean they just found out that some of Bette’ people did servive. And even Bette is having trouble adjusting to being Royal family again.. It’s just a lot to take in..brfore it was just a father and sister.. now she would be by Bette’ s side producing Royal children…this would be a very big thing to pull off ..friend family..she would have to live yo lifes…
      Great story waiting for more..

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