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    Drinks and a Conversation

    First-class Bakery….

    A few days later, a distracted Tina is sitting next to Eric and staring down at three small samples of wedding cake.

    Eric: ……what about you baby?

    Tina snaps out of her daze when Eric gently touches her back.

    Tina: Sorry? What was that?

    Eric: I said It think I like the chocolate best.

    Tina: Oh…yeah, it’s amazing…. they’re all amazing. You guys really make it hard to choose.

    The baker proudly smiles.

    Baker: Well that’s our goal……

    Tina smiles and then look at Eric and shrugs.

    Tina: I don’t know, can I have the day to think about it…

    Eric: We have so much to get done, baby…. I kinda wanted to scratch this off the list today. Just pick one, Tina. It’s cake, it’s not that hard, sweetie.

    Tina takes a beat before she looks up at the baker.

    Tina: We’ll take the Chocolate…

    Baker: Very well

    Eric smiles and pecks Tina on the cheek.

    Eric: That’s my girl….

    He looks down at his watch as he stands up.

    Eric: Okay I gotta get back to the office. I’ll see you later.

    Eric leans down and kisses Tina’s forehead before reaching into his pocket and retrieving his ringing cell phone.

    Eric: Hello……yeah, I’m on my way back now…

    He leans down and kisses Tina one more time before he turns and walks towards the exit.

    Eric:(laughs) I know, I didn’t think it would take that long either, but you know how women are when it comes to making decisions, dude……

    Tina rolls her eyes as she watches her fiancé leave. She then turns and smiles at the baker who returns a sympathetic smile….


    Bette Porter Gallery….

    Bette is putting some last-minute touches of paint on the walls when she hears the door opening behind her.

    Bette: Sorry, not open yet….

    She turns around and sees a young guy standing in her doorway.

    Bette: Can I help you?

    Guy: Yeah um I heard that you were looking for an assistant?

    The nervous guy takes in Bette’s paint-covered jeans, t-shirt, and a bandana tied around her hair.

    Guy: You are Bette Porter, right?

    Bette hops down from the ladder and walks towards the young man.

    Bette: I am, on both accounts…. interviews were held this morning though. Sorry.

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    1. Hi, thanks for the chapter!

      I especially like this line:
      “Meghan:Guess I’ll go home and yell at my husband for something I’ll make up in the car” – funny and so true sometimes.

      Buy the way – any chances for Down to Earth update?

    2. Welcome back and both Tina and Bette are in trouble now. Meaning they will not be able to forget each other now. Let alone wanting each other. Eric is going to drop something to the press about Bette I’m guessing. That will piss Tina off and that will cause Tina to call off the wedding. More soon please.

    3. Welcome back!

      I don’t like Eric, way to arrogant but also a very smooth talker he thinks. What is up with that press issue? I don’t trust him.

      Tina is cute with her crush on Bette, if she want a chance with Bette, she will be the one to chase Bette and convince her that she isn’t a straight girl who is curious about the Lesbian life style.

      Great story, but i would love to read updates on your other stories too!

    4. Twelve pages are just not enough beg!

      My habit needs regular feeding with your story updates and I look forward to more soon, please.

      Can I also add my plea for more of Down to Earth, please


    5. Hummm.. I have a feeling there will be some freed up tickets for this opening…Bette will break that oath she took with her friends..some straight girls want to be rescues by a beautiful woman who look at them like no man ever has or could….because the heart is not straight. It has some curves, very much like our Bette.who also loves to hold those curves close to hers…you can feel Bette s attraction but also trying not to get to close. But Tina will bring her to her knees…mmm so good love a slow burn. Thank you.

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