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    Drinks and a Conversation

    Bette:(laughs) It’s called a plus one for a reason Alice…. you get one.

    Alice: But I got a lot of art geeks at my job that really wants to come.

    Bette: Well, too bad.

    Dana smiles sheepishly.

    Dana: Actually, I promised my cousin I would try to squeeze two tickets out of you.

    Bette: Sorry all the tickets are accounted for.

    Dana:(shrugs) Oh well. Thanks anyway I’ll let’em know.

    Shane smiles and nudges Bette.

    Shane: Decided on your date yet?

    Bette laughs and rolls her eyes.

    Bette: No and that’s the last thing on my mind….

    Dana: Yeah but it’s important right? I mean you wanna take someone that’s gonna let you…… “celebrate” if the night goes well…

    Alice:(smiles) And take out some frustration if it doesn’t….

    Bette laughs and nods her head.

    Bette: You guys may actually have a point…. I think I’ll be fine with whoever I decide on though

    Alice: Of course, you will….

    Shane: Could always call up that cute Blonde that threw that wine in Dane’s face.

    Alice starts laughing at the memory.

    Dana: It’s not funny Alice…

    Bette: What the fuck are you talking about? That girl is probably the straightest woman I’ve ever met.

    Shane: I don’t know she kinda gave you a look when you walked in, Bette.

    Alice: Yeah, I saw it too…

    Bette: I think you’re both crazy….and let’s not forget she’s about to marry Dane’s cousin?

    Dana: Yeah guys stop trying to steal my cousin’s woman because we all know if she crosses over to the dark side there’s no coming back….

    Alice: Especially if she starts off with the straight girl whisperer over here….

    Everyone laughs, and Bette smiles and shakes her head.

    Bette: Hey I don’t fuck around with straight girls, that’s a fucking heartbreak wrapped up in a tight little bow….

    Shane: I heard that

    Everyone holds their drinks in the air.

    Dana: To staying away from straight girls…

    They all laugh and clink glasses before taking a sip and going back to their dinner and conversation….



    Alphaville Studios….

    A week later, Tina is in her office staring down at a script she’s been trying to read for the past hour, but she just can’t seem to concentrate. She finally gives up and closes the script and then opens her laptop. She does a little background work on a script idea brewing in her head, and then she finds herself typing in a name into the search engine… Bette Porter. It only takes a second before the smile that has been on her mind all week pops up on the screen. She scrolls down and clicks on a Bio of Bette done by some art magazine.


    1. Hi, thanks for the chapter!

      I especially like this line:
      “Meghan:Guess I’ll go home and yell at my husband for something I’ll make up in the car” – funny and so true sometimes.

      Buy the way – any chances for Down to Earth update?

    2. Welcome back and both Tina and Bette are in trouble now. Meaning they will not be able to forget each other now. Let alone wanting each other. Eric is going to drop something to the press about Bette I’m guessing. That will piss Tina off and that will cause Tina to call off the wedding. More soon please.

    3. Welcome back!

      I don’t like Eric, way to arrogant but also a very smooth talker he thinks. What is up with that press issue? I don’t trust him.

      Tina is cute with her crush on Bette, if she want a chance with Bette, she will be the one to chase Bette and convince her that she isn’t a straight girl who is curious about the Lesbian life style.

      Great story, but i would love to read updates on your other stories too!

    4. Twelve pages are just not enough beg!

      My habit needs regular feeding with your story updates and I look forward to more soon, please.

      Can I also add my plea for more of Down to Earth, please


    5. Hummm.. I have a feeling there will be some freed up tickets for this opening…Bette will break that oath she took with her friends..some straight girls want to be rescues by a beautiful woman who look at them like no man ever has or could….because the heart is not straight. It has some curves, very much like our Bette.who also loves to hold those curves close to hers…you can feel Bette s attraction but also trying not to get to close. But Tina will bring her to her knees…mmm so good love a slow burn. Thank you.

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