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    The Campaign Office of Tina Kennard

    1789 Main Avenue

    51st Floor

    Hammersmith Building


    New Hampshire

    United States of America.


    Tina looked up from the speech she was writing as the door to her office opened and Joyce walked in with her usual flare.

    “Hello Tina, I believe we need a chat,” Joyce said, making herself comfortable in the chair which faced Tina.

    “Hi Joyce, I believe Dani rang you,”

    “She did. you had a question thrown at you as you left the Alice Show that could mean that someone knows something they shouldn’t.”

    “I was asked if I was involved in the UCLA attack, which as you know I was. As far as I was concerned everything on that case is still sealed. Right?”

    “You are right, we’re not sure how the reporter come up with what he did. I’ve looked into him, he works LA magazine, isn’t anything big, so he could be digging and trying to find something to make him famous.” Joyce said slowly,

    “I don’t want him to become famous off my pain,” Tina said slowly.

    “You’re going for the highest job in the land,”

    “That doesn’t mean I should have to keep reliving the worst day of my life. it was worse than finding out that Bette was fucking the carpenter.” Tina admitted, putting her pen down, she rubbed the back of her neck and sat back in her chair.

    Joyce took in her client. Who she had known for years.

    “It could help you,” Joyce said honestly.

    “What?” Tina frowned. The last thing she really wanted was people to know that she was the women the group wanted to make a fool off.

    “It could.”

    “Every day we get letter’s from the assholes telling me I should be published or die for my sexual orientation, for the fact I love my wife. I shouldn’t be judged for having love in my life.”

    “No one is judging you for having love in you life,”

    “The people that made me bleed do. They judge me all the time. You know it Joyce there are people out there that would willing murder me because of who I love. Not only am I gay but my wife is bi-racial. I can’t go out into the world and say I’m witness A from the UCLA case.” Tina sat back in her chair fully. She wasn’t relaxed.

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    1. This appears to be a personal fear of Tina’s which is tied to an emotional trauma. She is now a public personna. Either she publishes her story in her own words, or someone else will. And though most writers try not to enhance what they write with inaccuracies, some do. And in these days where there are people who literally fabricate stories from whole cloth and proclaim them as factual and well researched. Any publicity manager will tell you that anyone who has something which they feel could be used against them or would put them in a bad light to put the information out in a clear and concise statement early.

      As the nominee of a political party, Tina and her immediate family should have a secret service detail in similar numbers as the President of the US in office. No one is more protected than the President and VP of the US and their families. Therefore if this is the case, Tina and Bette should publish a complete story keeping the names of other victims from being revealed. She should then tie this incident to a policy – violence against anyone on account of their gender, sexual orientation, sexual preference, race, country of origin would be deem hate crimes and a violation of one’s civil rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, shall be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law under the Tina Kinnard Administration.

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