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    The Grand Washington Hotel

    The Presidential Suite

    7153 New Main Street

    Washington DC

    District of Columbia

    United States of America


    Tina walked over to the bed and picked up the black shirt she was going to wear tonight and slipped it on.

    “And here was me thinking you were going to go to our first formal meeting with President, soon to be former President Michaels in sexy ass dress pants and that lacy black bra.” Bette said as she slipped her feet into her heels.

    “Yeah I’m sure he would love that, he already hates me,” Tina said as she buttoned up her shirt. She tucked it into her dress pants and picked up the vest that matched her trousers. She looked over at Bette and smiled. she loved her wife’s look. her wife was wearing a lovely pink top tucked into a knee length pencil shirt, with her heels her legs went on forever. She watched as Bette, pushed her hair out, flicking it.

    “I can’t see why he hates you, I think you’re perfect,”

    “He hates me Bette because I’ve just wooped his ass in an election that for some reason he thought was won,” Tina remarked as she left the bottom button of her vest undone.

    “Wow, this outfit shows your ever curve.” Bette smiled. she loved her wife’s shapely body. the fact that she was perfect to Bette. she love her body.

    “I’m glad you approve.” Tina moved and kissed Bette’s lips before she picked up her jacket as there was a knock on the door. “Come in,” Tina said, the door opened and her head Detail smiled.

    “Madam President Elect your car is here.”

    “Thank you, we will be five minutes.”

    “Okay Ma’am.” He closed the door and Bette raised her eyebrow

    “What?” Tina asked, as she slipped her jacket on and picked up her purse.

    “Madam President Elect, I will remember that one,”

    “What for?”

    “Honey, we are in Washington. In a very Posh hotel room. you know I’m going to…” she walked up behind Tina and slipped her arms around her waist and kissed her exposed neck as Tina had her hair up, “…fuck you senseless.”

    “You do know…”  Tina breathed, she loved having Bette this close. “You shouldn’t be turned on by my power.”

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    1. Well… Well… That was actually a nice statement for Candace to make. Just a tacky remark to rate the skills of a previous lover. That is something which may be said in private to close confidants. But it is very self-indulgent.
      Its says: eat your hearts out people, I have had one of the best lovers and you haven’t….nah..nah..nah.

      Keep it coming…

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