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    Emotional Low

    Tina closed the bathroom down behind herself and lent against it. she looked up and caught sight of herself in the mirror. The side of her mouth and her lower lips were swollen and bruised. she pushed her hair out of her face. Tina moved and turned on the shower. She had sent an hour with the police making a statement. She’s felt mentally weak. She never thought that falling in love would lead to this. Tina stripped putting her clothes into the basket before getting into the shower. She put her head back letting the hot water down her face.

    She started to cry, for the lose of her friendship, her work, her home. she loved Bette. she loved the fact that Bette was there but she needed this moment. a moment alone. Tina cried hard as the water ran over her body. She turned, leaning her forehead against the wall.  The hot water running down her back. Her body was shaking.

    Bette was starting to get worried, Tina had been in the bathroom for half an hour now  She slowly opened the door and she could hear the water hitting the bottom of the tub,

    “Ti,” She said, she could hear Tina crying,

    Bette opened the door to the shower and looked at her woman, she shut the shower off and picked up a large towel and wrapped Tina’s body in. Tina was crying with her head against the wall.

    “Ti, baby come here.” Bette turned her around and held her close. Tina cried openly, something that Bette hadn’t really fully experienced yet. She slowly moved them from the bathroom to their bedroom, where she helped Tina dress in baggy yoga pants and t-shirt. She wanted her to feel as comfortable as possible.

    Tina sat on the end of the bed. She crossed her legs and looked at Bette,

    “Don’t leave me,” Tina whispered.

    Bette could see the broken woman, a woman who had been through too much and not just with Claire. Bette walked back to her hand gently ran her hand along her face.

    “I’m not going to leave you, why would you think I am?”

    “I’m more trouble than it’s worth.” Tina responded.

    “What are you talking about Ti?” Bette asked, sitting onto the bed beside her.

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    1. This is getting more interesting. Seeing the development of these characters really draws my interest. Knowing that Tina has some resources but is committed to her art makes her more likable. Seeing her fall in love with Bette is more intriguing than the physical intimacy. Even though the physical intimacy is important to the story, it the characters and how they reveal themselves and how they change over time which makes for a good story. Like real life people, characters have weakness and strengths and have to face day to day problems and challenges.

      This has the makings of a fantastic story. Keep revealing who the characters are and how they grow and you will have a master piece.

      Thank you for this update….love to see more.

    2. Fantastic chapter!

      Love how Bette gave Tina the space she needed and then let her talk. She is right, intimacy is important but communicating more.

      I also think that Claire is responsible for the death of Tina’s parents, but why, trying to isolate Tina so that she will get her eventually? Claire is a dangerous woman. She must stay behind bars for the rest of her life.

      Thanks for the update!

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