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    Tina slowly opened her eyes and looked around the room, it wasn’t her bedroom. she turned and saw Bette sleeping beside her. she could feel her panic raising even with Bette beside her. she had been so used to living alone. She got up, she was wearing shorts and tank top, not that the cold would affect her. Usually when she got like this she would get up and paint. She was shaking.

    Tina softly slipped out of the room, she walked down the hall and into the large living area. she slowly went into the kitchen and got a bottle of water. she opened it as she made her way down the garden to the summer house/studio that was at the end of the garden. She switched on the light, she looked around. seeing that there was a small canvases. She sat herself at the desk and took out some dark paints. She wanted to paint the nightmare she’d had.  She put the bottle of water to one side, opened the paints and took out a paint brush and started to wait a dark and strange piece.




    Bette rolled over and reached her hand out. Finding the bed beside her cold and empty. She slowly opened her eyes. running her hand along the sheets.

    “Ti.” She rolled over again looking at the open bedroom door. “Tina.”

    Bette slowly got up and switched the bedside table light on. She went out and down the hall and saw that the French doors out to the back yard were open. The cool night breeze was rushing through the house, Bette walked over and saw that the lights to the summer house were on. she took a deep breath. looking at the clock on the wall it should it was twenty past four in the morning.

    Bette went back to her room and picked up he robe and went in search of Tina. She opened the door to the summer house and saw Tina sat hunched over a canvases painting with dark colours.

    “Tina,” Bette said softly,

    Tina looked up, she almost looked scared for a moment. yet the moment she saw it was Bette she relaxed.

    “Bette, sorry did I wake you?”

    “I reached for you and the bed was cold. How long have you been out here?” Bette asked as she walked over to her woman and ran her hand along her back.

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