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    Earning Our Forever – Chapter 1

    Chapter 1


    There she was again. Watching hope walk away from her, and thoughts of forever drifting further away. This feeling of abandonment settled in her soul; joining all the others. Why? Why do they keep leaving me? Why is she always running away? Is there no way out of this pattern? Will I always be chasing her, and pushing others away in the process in fear that it will be the moment I change direction that she finally stops running? The same thoughts whirl and whirl around in her head but never settle. Numbness begins to take root: has our now or never moment already long been passed?

    Alice stood holding Bette to her side until she began to calm down. Once Bette regained control of her emotions, Alice bent down to her ear and whispered, “Let me take you home Bette.”

    Bette shook her head a quiver in her voice as she replied, “No, Al. This is your party. You can’t leave. I’ll be fine.”

    Alice sighed. “I know Bette, but I’m getting a little bored here anyway. Listen, I won’t stay and make you talk. Just let me get you out of here. I’ll come right back and enjoy the rest of my party. Scouts honor.”

    Bette chuckled as she wiped the lingering tears from her eyes. “You were never a scout Al.”

    “Maybe not, but I would have rocked that outfit.”

    They both laughed as Alice helped Bette into a standing position. They began to walk towards the back exit. When they reached the door Bette stopped her longtime friend. “Thanks Alice. I…” Bette hesitated to continue before blowing out a deep breath. “Thank you.” She whispered before opening the door and exiting the bar, Alice right behind her.




    Tina finally arrived… home. She stood on the porch listening to the smashing of glass inside. She ran her hand roughly through her hair, her nerves shot. She reached into her bag. As she stood looking at the prescription bottle of Xanax now in her hand her mind slowly drifted back. Am I really back here again? I had come so far only to find myself flailing again. Tina shook herself out of her thoughts, popped the bottle open and quickly swallowed two pills before slipping the closed bottle back into her purse. Why do I wait so long – run so far away – before I admit to myself why I’m scared; before I reach out and ask for help… before I cause irreparable damage to her. She took a few moments for the pills to begin taking effect; using that time to try and prepare herself for entry into the lion’s den. Is it too late to jump off the merry-go-round and fix my mistakes?

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    1. I am so happy to see you have written a new story. I really like that Alice is being such a good friend to both Bette and Tina. They both need their friends. It seems as though Tina has taken quite a few precautions but that was one angry and dare I say quite dangerous Carrie. Bette should know what’s going on. But a good first step – end it definitively with Carrie. Hopefully. (Hard to believe this is a second breakup.) And a good second step – begin to talk to Bette. Of course Bette is still in love with Tina. My fear is the one hole Tina has not plugged is Angie. I hope Angie is okay with the breakup. Carrie had her pretty much under a bizarre spell of sorts. Trust your instincts Alice. Tell Bette what you heard. Good first chapter. I really enjoy your stories.

      • Thanks for commenting! Yes, you saw the hole I left in Angie. I found her immediate connection to Carrie so bizarre, so I want to try to explore possibilities of why Angie felt so connected to her, and if the connection becomes a problem in relation to her Moms. Thanks for reading!

    2. I am enjoying this first chapter…. not so much that Carrie is so violent and carrying on so… Jekyll and Hyde type personality from the show. But this is a captivating way for these two to start their reuniting process. I do hope they take their time and I do hope they put all their cards on the table. And I hope they own their past misdeeds and honestly and deeply regret them and work to not repeat them. So much is unknown about these two that it really is a blank slate for a writer.

      In Season 2 of Gen Q, I always thought that Angie was written rather strangely. Her immediate attachment to Carrie was not really believable to me. Being a child of divorced parents myself and knowing children of divorced parents, the initial relationship with a parents next lover was alway a strained one. This was my other parent’s potential replacement — not a good image for me. For I was always one who wanted my parents back together. And replacements were simply a non-starter. And to see Angie with so many adults in her life just accept Carrie as a good bud and advocate seemed ridiculous. Inviting her to the family counseling session seemed to be a teenage ploy to put a majority on her way of seeing things. She knew Bette would respond as she did and that is why she wanted Carrie in the room. Angie is no dummy…. if the parents split their vote Carrie would come in on her side… possibly a victory. And the fact that Angie felt she could not tell Bette what she was thinking or doing? Even though in Season 1, she and Bette were really close? What happened? Carrie happened. And that simply defied all the real life experience I have ever had….

      Thanks for the first chapter…. More please.

      • Hi Martha! Thanks for reading and commenting! I promise this story won’t go as dark as my other did, but I felt compelled to show Carrie this way. I don’t know how others felt watching season 2, but Carrie immediately struck me as narcissistic, manipulative, and a gaslighter. Then, when I how Tina reacted to her at Dana’s in episode 10, I felt we were witnessing a victim of emotional abuse trying to calm her abuser. The physical abuse outlined in this chapter is as far as that will go, but I will explore more of the emotional/mental abuse that I think it’s actually very present in the TinCar relationship we saw onscreen. You said it perfectly when you described Carrie as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The show didn’t provide any context for Tina’s relationship with Carrie, and provided minimal, and dare I say contradictory, context for TiBette’s divorce, so the reasons given will be of my own creation, but I do want to hold as closely to the unfortunate canon because I want to maintain some realism.

        I agree that Angie was written strangely, and her strong attachment to Carrie was not believable to me. I was so hurt by the cufflink situation – Angie wearing Carrie’s instead of Bette’s?! How insensitive for Angie to accept such an offer, but how manipulative and narcissistic of Carrie to insert herself and offer in the first place. Ugh. I felt for Bette so deeply in that moment. It was such a milestone moment for Angie, and it was celebrated with Carrie. My heart Anyway, I’m going to explore Angie and her odd behavior as we dive further.

        Thanks for reading!

    3. Interesting first chapter, Elizabeth! Thank you for tackling such a poor excuse for a season as GQ and for trying to make something out of nothing. I agree with those readers who hope they finally own up to all their mistakes and start showing up for each other. Take your time but please continue!

    4. Ok, I see you. Looks like we are in for a realistic ride and not just rainbows and lollipops. Carrie needs to think long and hard about starting some stuff with Tina. Being a lawyer you would think she would know better. She is the one that called off the wedding so it wasn’t a big stretch for them to break up. I’m glad Tina is breaking all ties with her. she is a psycho. Tina needs to let Angelica and Bette see the bruises on her arms so they know what kind of person she really is. So no info is given to her if she tries to get to Angie. Post as soon as you can please.

      • I don’t want to drag the story out, but I want it to feel authentic and real. Carrie is a lawyer, so she tries to keep face when people are around, but she’s also a true narcissist. That psycho possessive selfishness can only be held in the dark for so long.

        Thanks for reading and commenting!

    5. Hey Elizabeth,

      Such a nice surprise when i recieved a notification that you posted a new story!

      GQ has left me in a total state of wonder, sadness, anger and above all with many questions.

      I am proud of all the writers trying to give answers that a lot of Tibette fans had.

      This first chapter is a very good start and I’m glad Tina was very clear to Bette that she is the one she loves, has always loved and is willing to fight for her. They have a long way to go but I have every confidence in you that you will guide us in the journey to Bette & Tina’s eternal love and happiness for the rest of their lives.

      And i am very curious about your exploring the TinCar/PiBette dynamics.

      Welcome back, you did it with a great start!

    6. Delighted to see a new story from you and like the way you are approaching the disaster that is GQ.

      Agree with the above comments on Season 2 Angie and look forward to your continuing posts

      Thank you for posting

    7. Elizabeth,
      U certainly have the fierce conviction of tackling a gr8 storyline for the end of GenQ season2!! Brava, brave one!!

      I too like Alice in this story. She thought she was gonna spill the beans about what Bette was thinking, only to arrive and see that Tina needed rescuing. I really appreciated that Tina had been VERY thorogh in planning a complete break from CAAAArie! And Alice was shield enough to give Tina the resolve.

      And when faced-to-face w/Bette, for once in her life, Tina said her piece realizing that if Bette responded with ‘rejection’ to her love motions, then that’s how it would be . . .for a moment . . .none-the-less, she would (finally) P U R S U E Bette.

      And Bette having DECIDED that she would take the 1st step by RELEASING F O R G I V E N E S S shows the excellent spirit in the woman.

      Really looking 4ward to how U’ll weave the tapestry for a new Kennard-Porter family. Also looking 4ware to what your Angie will be like. Pippa & Bette should continue to be a power duo professionally, even if Pipp struggles to accept as only a “friend”. Well see right?

    8. E

      Totally enjoyed this beginning. Look forward to the journey you will be taking us upon. And I agree, it never really made sense how they aligned Angie with Carrie. The cuff links will never ever make sense to me. Angie would have worn Bette s for sure. Only in the crazy alternate universe known only as Marja s world would this happen. Anyways, keep going for sure.


    9. Earnestly hope that GQ writers read your excellent story, and follow a very similar path to Tibette’s reconciliation and building a new “forever”. I, also, cannot fully understand Angie’s anger at her mothers at the time of her prom, with insulting them and blatantly spurning Bette’s offer of the cufflinks, preferring Carrie’s; other than a childish act of defiance and vengeance to cause emotional hurt… especially to Bette. Nevertheless, I love this plot toward a new beginning for all of them, with honesty being a priority in the family relationship! Bring it on, Elizabeth! I can hardly wait! Dr A

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