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    Eros Cove—Chapter 2

    Chapter 2


    Passing by the TV monitors as I walk through the terminal to the baggage claim, I can’t help but turn my attention to them as I see the same woman that has brought me here.. 

    “Oh my God….It’s her….And on the Ellen Degeneres show”..I mumble looking and sounding like a star struck fan.  I had never heard of Bette Porter before last week in Jackson Square, but here I am watching and listening as Ellen tells the audience they are getting a free copy of her book Primal Hearts. 

    My curiosity is peaked as I notice a stand with magazines and books ahead of me and walk over to see several copies of Primal Hearts sitting in the first rack. 

    “Number 1 Bestseller” I read out loud and flip the book over to the back to see a picture of the woman that would hopefully change my life with this amazing opportunity to do her next book cover.  I quickly pay for the book and stuff it in my carry on as I hurry to Baggage Claim..I am nervous and anxious as I have never been out on my own and so far away from family and friends.  But I need this and I need to get over Emma.   

    As I approach the carousel, I see one of my bags making it’s way to me and quickly grab it feeling a tap on my shoulder as I turn around.

    “Hi Tina!…Can I help you with one of those?” She asks as my breath catches in my throat. I look up and lay eyes on the same strikingly beautiful woman I saw that day in Jackson Square.

    “Oh.  Hi Bette…Uhmmm…Yes..” I say nervously fiddling with the handle on my suitcase.

    “Here…Let me get that for you” She says as I let go and in one quick motion she has the handle extended.  “Is this it?”

    “No.  I have one more” I answer and we both turn to face the carousel and stand there in brief silence. I’m trying to think of something to say but thankfully didn’t have to.

    “How was your flight?”

    “It was good. Not as bad as I thought it would be. I’m just not used to flying.”

    She chuckles and I start to relax a little.

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