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    Eros Cove—Chapter 2

    “When I was leaving the gate earlier I looked over at the TV monitors and saw you on the Ellen DeGeneres show” I say and look to her and smile as she shrugs her shoulders. “That’s amazing”

    “Yeah..I was so nervous..I’m a big fan of Ellen so I was starstruck most of the time and really don’t remember much of it since it’s all a blur.  I recorded it so I could watch it later” She says and we both chuckle as I grab my last bag off the carousel.

    “I’m parked right outside the terminal” She says and we make our way outside where she stops at this gorgeous dark blue Mercedes-Benz convertible..

    “Here we are..Give me your other bag and I’ll put it in the trunk for you”….

    “Ok” I hand her my bag and get in looking for the seatbelt.

    “The seat belt will automatically lock once I start the car” she says and I’m suddenly feeling way out of my league by being here and find myself tensing up.

    “Relax ok.  You are about to see some of the most beautiful scenery you have ever laid your eyes on”

    I couldn’t help but to agree because I already did that day in Jackson Square when she introduced herself. I chuckle in response and turn and smile at her.

    “I’m sorry.  This is all new for me”

    “Well it is for me too.  I mean here I am with a woman I just met and taking her to my home to stay. You could be a serial killer for all I know and murder me in my sleep” She says with chuckle and at that moment all my tension left and we both laughed and it was as much as I have laughed in a long time.  

    As she starts the car and pulls away, I relax in my seat feeling the cool breeze and sunshine on my face as we left the airport. 


    “It is so beautiful here” I mumble to myself as we wind around the pacific coast highway.  I look out toward the cliffs admiring the waves crashing against them in perfect unison.

    “Here we are” she says as I’m sad to end this relaxing drive but anxious to see where I will be staying. 

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