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    Eros Cove—Chapter 2

    “Oh my” is all I could say as we approach a beautiful gated Victorian style home strategically landscaped with palm trees outlining a pathway to my right leading around the back of the home.

    “Welcome to Eros Cove” she says as we both get out of the car.  

    “This is so beautiful Bette.” 

    “Thank You.  I’m hoping you will get a great amount of inspiration here for the book cover since the title of my book is Eros Cove” 

    “I’m sure I won’t have any trouble with that…I’m curious though….Where did the name Eros Cove come from?”

    Bette chuckles and I am not sure if I just asked a dumb question.

    “I’m glad you asked…I would love to give you the story over dinner tonight…I mean that is if you will join me?” She asks rather shyly which I smile and can only find myself nodding as my reply…..”The guest house you will be staying in is down that path” she says pointing in the direction of the palm tres..”It has a full kitchen and I took the liberty of stocking it with food already..I’m sure you are exhausted from your flight if you would rather stay in”

    “No…I mean I am a little tired but I would love to hear about Eros Cove and what you envision your book cover looking like.  It will help me with the design”

    “Ok great!…Follow me and let’s get you settled in” she says and I take one of my bags while she carries the other….“I will have a cleaning crew come in once a week to clean or if you need it done more often I can make it more often”

    “Oh Bette that won’t be necessary..I have no problem doing all that myself” I answer as she stops at the door of what likes a house if it’s own.

    “No…I want you to spend your time on the book cover..I don’t intend for you to worry about that.  I usually have my clothes dry cleaned on Thursdays..I will be happy to include yours or if you prefer the cottage has a  washer and dryer in it and a line in the back for to air dry.”

    “Cottage?” I ask as this isn’t a cottage I have ever seen in my life. “This is bigger than the house I grew up in”

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