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    Eros Cove—Chapter 2

    Bette chuckles as she opens the door and we walk inside. I stare in amazement at the beautiful furnishings and fresh flowers placed throughout giving the room a pleasant aroma.

    “Through that door on your right is the bedroom.  Would you like me to take your bags in there?

    “That won’t be necessary.   Thank you so much Bette.  You didn’t have to go to all this trouble?” I reply and she chuckles once more as she places my bag on the floor.

    “I love that saying.  I heard it a lot when I was on my book tour in the South.  Everyone was so polite and friendly and I enjoyed my time there”

    “Actually I was born in New York and raised in Georgia.” I say grabbing my bags not really sure why I was volunteering this information….”I was adopted when I was a baby.  My parents ended up telling me that in high school so I don’t know much else other than I was born in New York”

    “Really.  I was born In New York also” She says smiling as I hear her cellphone ring.  She quickly grabs it from her jacket pocket and looks to see who is calling…”I need to take this….Its my publisher…..Please make yourself at home and come to the main house around 6 for dinner ok.”

    I nod to her as she waves and quickly exits and I hear her answer her phone. As she disappears out of my view from the window, I turn to head to the bedroom with my bags. 


    “Yes..Hopefully she can get started on it in a few days.”

    “Ok…Great…Well I have some business in L.A. next week.  Maybe we can meet for lunch.”

    “Sounds good.  Let me know when”

    “I will sweetie.  Bye” 

    “Bye Gloria” I say ending the call and head to the kitchen.  “Ok let me get started” I mumble to myself as I fumble through the crisper gathering ingredients for dinner.  I reach for my cutting board as I hear the front door open.

    “Joan don’t you ever knock!” I yell out shaking my head.

    “It’s not Joan..What’s going on Porter!” I hear and roll my eyes. 

    “Alice! What the hell are you doing here?… You are just like your sister….Just barge in anytime you please!”

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