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    Eros Cove—Chapter 2

    “Thank You. I will..You gave me a key remember” She replies taking a seat in the swivel stool in front of the island.

    “Yes to check on the place while I was gone. Not when I’m home” I say and watch her shrug her shoulders.

    Alice is a smitten image of Joan.  Although a few years younger and much more wilder than Joan would ever thought of being.  She is like an annoying little sister but we are as close as two sisters could be since I never had a relationship with my older biological sister. Alice came out to me a couple of years ago and I helped her come out to Joan and the rest of her family and we have been very close since then.

    “So where is the blonde?” She asks grabbing an apple out of the fruit bowl on the end of the island and taking a bite and looking around.

    “I’m going to kill Joan” I mumble

    “Bette you know Joan tells me everything..She can’t keep anything to herself.”

    “I know and neither can you”

    “It’s in our gene pool.  Don’t blame us we can’t help it.  Our mother passed that along to us…Anyway…So where’s the blonde?”

    “Alice her name is Tina.. And she is in the cottage resting from her flight”

    “She single?”

    “Alice!” I scold slamming my half chopped onion down on the cutting board

    “What!…I’m just curious..”

    “Why?…Do you want to ask her out?”

    “No Porter…I’m asking for you”

    “You and Joan need to stay out of my business”

    “You are so uptight..She probably wouldn’t like that about you anyway”

    “Alice she is here to do a book cover…That is all…It’s business..Nothing more….Besides…She just ended a long term relationship so I doubt she is even thinking about that” I answer sternly which seems to pacify Alice for now.

    “So what you cooking?..You don’t usually cook”

    “I am making chicken fricassee”

    “Oh..For the blon-…I mean Tinaaaaa?” She says in a teasing manner

    “Yes for Tinaaaaa” I say in a teasing manner back as she gives me a look.. “We are going to discuss the book cover Alice”

    “Over dinner and wine at home..Ok Porter..Whatever you say” she says getting up taking another bite of her apple..”I gotta run..Going to the Planet tonight with the gang…Everyone will be there except Joan..She won’t be back from Paris till next week…You oughta come and bring the blon—-I mean Tina”

    “No thanks…Have fun” I say happily waving my knife bye at her..

    “See you later Porter” she says as I hear the front door open and close…

    “Awww Shit!…I forgot to get my key back from her” I mumble continuing with my dinner prep…



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