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    Eros Cove—Chapter 3

    Chapter 3

    After adding the final piece of greenery to the floral arrangement I placed on the dinner table, I take a step back to admire  my efforts at table setting. 

    “Yes, I do believe Emily Post would be proud” I mumble in a soft voice. I can’t even remember a time I have used this dinnerware set or sat at this table but I want everything to go well tonight. I suddenly see a silhouette appear across the table and glance to see Tina approaching the sliding glass door leading to the veranda. I eagerly make my way over to meet her..

    “Hey..Come on in” I offer sliding the glass door open for her to enter.

    “Thank you” 

    “Would you like some wine?….I have a nice Merlot or if you prefer white?

    “Merlot will be fine”

    “Great..Just have a seat…Dinner will be ready shortly” 

    “It’s really beautiful here” she remarks as I bring the wine and glasses and to the coffee table and sit next to her.

    “Thank you..Were you able to get any rest?” 

    “Yes…I did” 

    “Do you have everything you need?”

    “Oh God yes..Way more than I could ever want..I haven’t had accommodations like this in like…never..It’s kind of overwhelming but in a good way” she replies in such a grateful tone 

    “Good I am so glad..I want you to be as comfortable as possible while you are here…Here you go” I say handing her a glass of wine and watch her take a sip.

    “Mmmm..This is very very good..”

    “It is isn’t it?” I agree while taking a sip myself..”My publisher Gloria owns a winery in upstate New York..She sends me a case    every once in awhile”

    “Oh wow..How does she have time to do that and be a publisher?”

    I shrug my shoulders slightly

    “That’s Gloria…The winery started out more as hobby for her but she still finds time to tend to the business side of it”

    “I wish I could be that successful one day.  I mean I have dreamed of being a professional artist ever since my Mom bought me my first easel and painting set when I was 10..My parents did they best they could to help me pursue my dream..They couldn’t afford to send me to art school so after graduation I worked a few jobs and bartended to save money but…” 

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    1. Hi Pie,

      It is a gift to read this beautiful story after a hard work day.

      A beautiful back story about Eros Cove. I think it already strikes again with love to Bette & Tina. Amazing.

      Wow, 20 years nothing from her sister and suddenly Kate is back. Is it because Bette is over all news? What is the reason she is back, i am curious.

      Fantasic chapter, thank you!

    2. Ok, maybe Tina and Bette need find their own “narrow path leading down the bottom of the cove”?)

      And what the deal between Tina and Emma, Bette and Kate? I guess we soon find out.

      Waiting for the next!

    3. Beautiful story!

      I love the fact that Alice is Joan’s sister.

      “Fuck Emma Watson!”? I definitly would!
      When the name Kate came up, I thought: “who is this now? Middleton?”.

      You have my attention, I hope Tina and Bette will follow Noah and Sheila’s path; maybe without all those people dying? LoL.

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