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    Eros Cove—Chapter 3

    “This is Eros Cove..This is where I got my inspiration to write. This is why I brought you here. I want you to bring Eros Cove to my book cover”

    I wait for her response as the sun continues it’s descent on the horizon..

    “Tell me about it” she finally speaks and this was the response I was hoping to get.

    “Back in the 1840’s when people were moving to the state and claiming land during the Gold Rush there was a young man named Noah Sanderson who panned an enormous amount of gold and became extremely rich. He made his way here and settled on this land and proceeded to build a house where that one currently stands now”…. I began and pointed back towards the house….”About a year later a couple Tom and Sheila Dawson and their two young boys settled on the property that would be to your left….Noah and the Dawson family did not get along and for several years, had constant fights over possession of land, and Noah hated their two boys because they would trespass on his property by jumping the fence he had built to keep them out….Some time later the Dawson’s two boys who were 9 and 10  at the time both came down with a mysterious illness and died. The couple blamed Noah. He claimed he had nothing to do with it.  Anyway Tom Dawson contracted TB a year after the death of his boys and died at 32 years old…Are you still with me?” I ask Tina who is listening intently and nods so I continue

    “Sheila stayed on the property refusing to go back to Montana after pleas from her Mother and Father to do so.  To keep herself busy and out of Noah’s site she walked to this very cliff and for the first time notice a narrow path leading down the bottom of the cove. She made her way  down slowly and carefully not knowing she was being followed by Noah who had been watching her from his porch.  Once Sheila made it down and placed her feet on the sand she heard a rock hit behind her which caused her to turn around and laid eyes on the man she most hated and berated him for following her for killing her sons, for ruining her life, for living. He in turn told her she was an evil witch, and hoped she would fall off the cliff and die. Her family ruined his peaceful existence. She then screamed at him asking why he followed her and he said he didn’t know he just felt compelled too and at that moment both of them froze. They couldn’t speak. They couldn’t move. It was only a second but felt like an eternity. Like they had both been hit by something and they started to feel something they had never felt for each other before..Love….In a split second they kissed each other like they have never kissed another before and hugged each other like they never wanted to let go.  In one second Noah and Sheila were in love.  They were married fifty years until Noah’s death. They had four children and ten grandchildren..Numerous great grandchildren etc.  Sheila Dawson Sanderson told people and whoever that would listen she felt Cupid’s arrow hit her and Noah that day at the bottom of the cove….Sheila was a believer in magical and supernatural phenomena and after that became fixated on Greek Mythology..She named this Cove—- Eros Cove…Eros is the Greek God of Love. Cupid is another name for Eros” I explain hoping my story would change her mind and give her incentive to stay.


    1. Hi Pie,

      It is a gift to read this beautiful story after a hard work day.

      A beautiful back story about Eros Cove. I think it already strikes again with love to Bette & Tina. Amazing.

      Wow, 20 years nothing from her sister and suddenly Kate is back. Is it because Bette is over all news? What is the reason she is back, i am curious.

      Fantasic chapter, thank you!

    2. Ok, maybe Tina and Bette need find their own “narrow path leading down the bottom of the cove”?)

      And what the deal between Tina and Emma, Bette and Kate? I guess we soon find out.

      Waiting for the next!

    3. Beautiful story!

      I love the fact that Alice is Joan’s sister.

      “Fuck Emma Watson!”? I definitly would!
      When the name Kate came up, I thought: “who is this now? Middleton?”.

      You have my attention, I hope Tina and Bette will follow Noah and Sheila’s path; maybe without all those people dying? LoL.

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