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    Eros Cove—Chapter 3

    “Bette?..I wan—“ I begin but was quickly interrupted by an intercom buzz

    “Now who could that be at the gate..Excuse me just one second ok..I’m sorry ” Bette apologizes getting up from the table and I nod letting her know it’s ok. I listen as Bette speaks through the intercom.

    “Who is it?”

    “Is this the residence of Elizabeth Porter?”

    “Yes..This is Bette Porter..Who is this?” A women’s voice asks

    Silence on the other end 

    “Who is this?” Bette asks again

    Still silence.

    “Listen.  If you aren’t going to state your name  or your reason for being here I’m going to ask you to leave”


    “Ok you leave me no choice but to call the po—“

    “Bette…..It’s me”

    “Me who?”


    Bette quickly freezes at the intercom..

    “Bette..I want to talk to you..I’m staying at the Emporia on Wilshire..I will be waiting to hear from you ok” 

    I can hear the car drive off as Bette releases the button and walks back to the table.

    “Sorry about that…Would you like some more chicken fricassee?” She asks obviously not wanting to talk about the woman that just showed up at her gate. Probably and ex girlfriend so I’m not going to dare ask.

    “No thank you..Everything was delicious”

    I finish my wine and wipe my mouth and decide this would be a good time to say goodnight and leave her to her thoughts..

    “If it’s ok with you I think I’d like to go ahead and turn in for the night..I’m still rather tired from the flight”

    “Ok. Sure..But I hope you aren’t leaving because of the woman at the gate”

    “No..It’s not..But based on your reaction it was like you had seen a ghost” I say as we both get up from the table and walk toward the sliding gas door..

    “Yes” She says while opening the door and I walk out and turn around

    “More like I heard a ghost…That was my estranged sister..I haven’t seen or heard from her since I was 13..That was 20 years ago”

    “Oh” I gasp shocked at hearing 20 years have gone by.

    “Yes…It’s a long story and I’m not sure what possessed her to seek me out but I’m sure my face being splatter on a box and across TV might have something to do with it…But I don’t really care..I have no intention of reaching out…Anyway….I’m sorry we got interrupted….Please come by in the morning for coffee ok..

    “I will..Thanks for tonight Bette…Goodnight” 

    “Goodnight Tina..Sleep well ok and see you in the morning” she says before I turn and head back to the cottage..As much as it was a shock to hear that was her sister showing up after all of these years, I am more intrigued by that intense feeling I got at the table tonight…I’m sure she felt something too..



    1. Hi Pie,

      It is a gift to read this beautiful story after a hard work day.

      A beautiful back story about Eros Cove. I think it already strikes again with love to Bette & Tina. Amazing.

      Wow, 20 years nothing from her sister and suddenly Kate is back. Is it because Bette is over all news? What is the reason she is back, i am curious.

      Fantasic chapter, thank you!

    2. Ok, maybe Tina and Bette need find their own “narrow path leading down the bottom of the cove”?)

      And what the deal between Tina and Emma, Bette and Kate? I guess we soon find out.

      Waiting for the next!

    3. Beautiful story!

      I love the fact that Alice is Joan’s sister.

      “Fuck Emma Watson!”? I definitly would!
      When the name Kate came up, I thought: “who is this now? Middleton?”.

      You have my attention, I hope Tina and Bette will follow Noah and Sheila’s path; maybe without all those people dying? LoL.

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