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    Eros Cove–Chapter 4

    Chapter 4


    The sun begins to peek through the mini blinds above my bed and I sigh as I have been wide awake all night thinking about my sister showing up unannounced and certainly uninvited last night. 20 years I haven’t heard a word from her..All the letters I wrote her years after she left went answered..I gave up and now she has the nerve to show up wanting to talk to me. “Fuck her.. I have nothing to say” I mumble throwing the covers off of me as I get out of bed and make my way to the shower. I glance in the mirror to see the bags that have set in under my eyes from no sleep..”Jesus I look like hell”

    I think back to the last time I saw my sister as I step in the shower.  I let the hot water soothe my tired aching body as I remember that day.

    “Don’t leave Kate. I don’t want you to go. Please don’t go” I plead through tears as I hug tightly to my sister.

    “I don’t want to leave but I have to. I promise to keep in touch and I will be back ok” her voice cracking and getting choked up.

    I release my grip looking up at her crying just as hard as I am.

    “Elizabeth I love you. Remember that and I wouldn’t leave if I didn’t have to”

    “I don’t understand. Why do you have to leave.”

    “I have to go…Here..Take this.. It has my address.. Write me ok…I love you..”

    She pulls away from me heading toward the car waiting for her. I watch her drive off and I’m left standing there, my arms outstretched begging and calling out to the car as it went down the road for her not to go.

    I shake my head remembering that day as I continue to wash my hair. That’s the last time I saw her. Mom and Dad would not speak of it and I quit asking as they both would change the subject when asked. I would hear my Mom crying sometimes in their bedroom but she never mentioned my sisters name.. My Dad being a pastor would ask me to just pray for her. I didn’t know why and after my letters went unanswered I felt abandoned. By the time I graduated high school I hated her. Dad passed away when I was a sophomore in college. Mom didn’t know how to reach her to even tell her of his passing. She shut me and everyone out after that and passed a year later.. I did my best to take care of her. How dare Kate show up now wanting to talk. She doesn’t deserve a second of my time and I won’t give her one. The anger begins to build in me as I get out of the shower, dry off, and head back to my bedroom to get dressed.

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    1. Hi Pie:

      This is a very interesting story, perhaps Bette and Tina are feeling the curse of eros cove and are about fell for each other.
      What will happen with Kit’s daughter if they don’t find a donor?
      There are so many questions, I hope you will be back with this story soon.
      Thank you for the update.


    2. Still the tease Pie :-)
      A great Chapter raising so many issues and even before I read it you tell me there will be no post next week!! Why do I love you? I suppose it’s the writing and your talent for story telling!
      Thanks for the post look forward to the next and to the update on The Diary next week.
      You are still my favourite Pie!

    3. Oh wow!!!

      That was a really surprise to read about Kate and her daughter, so sad that she is so sick and their father, no words for him 😡

      They both felt the curse of Eros Cove and have a lot in commen.

      Wonder what happened between Tina and Emma, that Tina is so devastared about.

      Sad to read that you will not update this story this week.

    4. Hi!

      Huge dilemma for Bette, because give one of her kidney will change all her life. No more sport, no more physical exercises, always thinking about own health in first. And give all that to someone who you never see and never knew – i don’t know.
      Maybe Bette need to think about something – if situation has been reversed and it was Bette’s kid who needs a transplatation – will Kate give her own kidney?

      Thank you for the chapter and waiting for updates (not only this story but Diary too)!

    5. Geez.. That is a big thing to ask after all that time.. and if her or the girls dads not a match then its a long shot Bette’s will.. maybe Tina will be a match… sorry to here Daddy dearest kept them apart. Love the story waiting for next chapter. And “the Diary”..

    6. Pie-thank you for getting back to this story. I’ve been waiting or you to continue on with this very good one. I’m also dying to find out if Tina finds out that Bette read her diary in The Diary. That one has been a nail biter for me and I have no nails left. PLZ give us the next chapter soon. I love your writing.

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