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    Falling Apart

    Bette wakes up and smiles at feeling Tina next to her. She is still a little anxious over meeting Tina after her assault and then explaining, for the first time, the reality of her past relationship with Candace. She also feels lighter in a way, like a few links in the chains around her heart have fallen away – there are still some there, but the healing has begun. She plans on capitalizing on this feeling to ensure she stays strong for Tina when they go to the station today for the lineup. She knows today is going to be tough, and after what happened when Shane came home, she fears what Tina’s reaction will be when she sees her rapists at the station.

    As her eyes begin to flutter open, she is surprised to see Tina awake, laying on her back, staring blankly at the ceiling – more fear of Tina’s impending reaction swirls in her stomach, but she ignores it as she pulls Tina closer to her. “Good morning Baby.” Bette says as she brushes a few strands of hair from the beautiful blonde’s face. “Have you been up long? I thought you’d still be sleeping?” Bette becomes concerned when Tina doesn’t respond. She props herself up on her left elbow as she caresses Tina’s face gently with her right hand tilting her face to her own. “Hey… Baby… talk to me…”

    Bette waits patiently as Tina seems to shake her thoughts away and look into Bette’s eyes; the concern found there slightly overwhelming her fragile state. Big tears begin to fall down her face. “I’m sorry Bette… I’m so sorry…”

    Bette’s heart aches at the sight of the hurt Tina was experiencing; she wants to sooth her immediately. “Shh, shh. What are you apologizing for? It’s okay Baby. Talk to me.”

    Bette continues to caress Tina’s face as she places tender kisses on her face. “I feel so detached sometimes Bette. There’s so many things racing through my mind, and they consume me. I feel like I’m walking through quicksand. I can hear and see what’s around me, but it’s blurry and muffled like I’m slowly slipping away.” Sobs overtake Tina’s body. “Please Bette!” Tina chokes out as she grabs Bette, her grip desperate and her breathing uneven. “Don’t let me slip way…”

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