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    Bette walked around the gallery ensuring all the latest pieces that were sale. She was taking in each piece when James walked towards her,

    “Well, Ms Porter I am betting you are one from proud wife right now,” James grinned

    “What? More than normal?” Bette said as she took in the piece in front of her which was a lovely photo of the Bay Area.

    “Well, news has broken in the art world of the four artist chosen by the White House to have  piece housed in the Ball Room of the White House and I see a Ms Tina Kennard,”

    “Could be another Tina,” Bette grinned as she spoke.

    “Unlikely.” James smiled

    “No, I’m very proud she got the call a week ago. She’s been working on the piece,”

    “How long does she have to complete it?”

    “Another four weeks, then they will install and then there is a massive arts events at the White House,”

    “Which you’ve been invited too?”

    “Her invite said Ms Tina Kennard and Ms Elizabeth Porter, so I believe I’m invited.”

    “Full named as well,”

    “Everything for the White House is very formal.”

    “You might be able to drum us up more business,”

    “I might, I’m sure I can sell a piece or two,” Bette smiled. “We are making a great profit at the moment, helps we have a website now.”

    “Will you be returning full time?” James asked, he knew it was a tricky subject, more so with the fact that Bette lived so far out of town now and because of her other commitments.

    Bette looked at James and smiled.

    “I’m full time I just don’t spend all my time here. I’m still putting it a forty hour week. I’m still making sure all the galleries all over the world are running smoothy. Just because I’m not physically here doesn’t mean I’m not pulling my weight,”

    “That’s not what I meant,”

    “What did you mean?”

    “Its just me here most of the time and I…”

    “Need another pair of hands?” Bette asked softly.

    “Yeah, I know Porter LA is your baby, your first gallery but maybe getting a couple of other people around so that I can take a vacation and that you can work from home more, you know it would help,” James said softly. Like he was scared to ask.

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    1. Well, it looks like Bette and Tina are communicating well. Tina is frightened by the publicity and the public appearances which come with the increase in popularity of her work. And of course, work being commissioned by the White House is only going to make her more in demand and popular with the general public. Tina is in a real dilemma and I’m not sure that Bette is going to have an answer. Looks like Tina should consult with her counselors as to how to handle these public appearances so that no huge setbacks occur. Of course, she could decline to appear at these occasions, but that may effect her future sales as an artist. Of course Tina has a fairly good financial foundation, so she will not starve if she never sells another piece of art. And if her art is really good and not just something that is trendy, she will still be able to sell over the internet. And by the laws of supply and demand, if the supply gets scarce, the the demand will go up provided the consumers perceive it to be something they desire and are willing to pay for. .

      The bottom line is that I fell sorry for Tina being in a situation she is frightened to attend public functions even for a short period of time. Its a hard life not to be able to socialize from time to time.

      Thanks for the chapter…..

      • I agree. The pressure of being an internationally known artist who is now bring featured in the White House would be overwhelming for the most secure person. Tina should check in with her doctor. Figure out some coping strategies. It’s an amazing honor. Hope she can find a way to make it work.

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