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    #Fanfic Challenge #Ep 7: Telling Angie

    The flight from New York to L.A. is filled to capacity and Tina once again moves around in her seat. She then throws a polite smile towards the stranger sitting to her left.

    Tina: Sorry.

    The elderly man smiles slickly and tips his hat.

    Man: It’s alright dear, I don’t mind sharing the armrest with a beautiful lady.

    Tina once again smiles graciously before turning to the redhead with a short Pixi cut sitting on her right.

    Tina: Why did we decide to fly coach again?

    Carrie chuckles as she turns and looks at Tina.

    Carrie: Because first class was full, and we didn’t wanna wait to take the redeye?

    Tina sighs and groans.

    Tina: Right…. just have to look at the bigger picture. Coach equals getting to see Angie sooner and telling her our good news.

    Carrie smiles brightly.

    Carrie: Right….

    She then thinks for a second before she runs her hand through her short hair.

    Carrie: You sure she’s gonna be okay with it though? I have to admit I’m a little nervous.

    Tina looks on as Carrie takes a nervous breath.

    Tina: Hey, it’s gonna be fine. I’m a little nervous too but not because I think she has an issue with you. It’s just she’s gone through so many changes over the past few years.

    Carrie: She has, she’s an awesome kid though. Strong, smart. You guys have done a great job with her.

    Tina smiles proudly.

    Tina: She is pretty amazing.

    Carrie: She can handle anything that comes her way……and she’s ferociously protective of her Mama B…. hence my nervousness.

    Tina smiles fondly as she thinks about Bette and Angie’s relationship.

    Tina: She is, but she also wants both of her parents happy and she knows that you make me happy……

    Carrie smiles lovingly at Tina.

    Carrie: I love you

    Tina: I love you too…

    They both lean in for a loving kiss….



    Bette’s house….

    Shane and Alice are sitting at the kitchen table as Bette cooks and Dani talks shop about the campaign.

    Dani: We’re only a week out, those fucking negative campaign ads took us down a notch but we’re not out……just stay low key until election night and we’ll be fine, I think.

    Bette keeps chopping her vegies as she glances up.

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    1. I am so torn, love to see you back, but not with this story.

      I need Tibette in love and not seperated and Tina in love with someone else.

      Would love to see a update on one of your stories!

    2. Well-written, highly probable but of course, utterly heartbreaking, heart crushing scenario.???? Thanks a lot just the same for writing and sharing this, BEG!???? I hope you’ll find the time to post new chapters of “Home Again,” “Down to Earth” or “Unintentional Love” very soon. We badly need our TiBette fix. Have a lovely week, BEG!????

    3. Browneyedgirl!!! Happy to see your name on a story!! :-) I like your version. Yes, it’s painful, but geez, B&T have gone through enough…they need to find happiness with someone that doesn’t come with all the baggage they have. They are never going to truly be happy with all that painful history and let’s be honest, they really haven’t been very nice to each other over the years. So, thank you for this picture of what could be.

      Thanks for joining in the challenge!! :-)

    4. Hey Browneyedgirl!!! Great to see you back!!!
      I am currently rereading your Perfect Marriage stories!!! Yay!!!!!

      However, not up for this take on our Tibette. Sorry, but it’s not for me.

      As mightymouse requested, always hoping for updates on your previous stories.


    5. i don’t care what anyone else i love this. your writing is amazing as always. and you can clearly see the love bette and tina still have for each other. as others have said always looking forward to updates on your other stories!
      Thank u

    6. This may be where the story is right now. But I do not think that Tina will be with Carrie long term. Carrie is a no drama individual which is really similar to Henry. Tina will get bored with Carrie and will long for her life with Bette. It is in her nature to make the moves in her relationships and she still loves Bette with all of her heart. Once they are living in LA during the hiatus and dealing with Bette and Angie on a more face to face manner, it will become impossible for Tina to not want Bette back into her life. And there will be times when Carrie is out of town from Tina. How long will a telephone and occasional weekend visits last and nurture a new marriage? I think Tina thinks that she is happy with Carrie but deep down it just isn’t as satisfying a life as she had with Bette. As Tina has always said, she sometime acts before she really thinks it through. That is where she is with Carrie and that is where she is with Bette.

      There is a very large group of people who love the couple of Bette and Tina and cannot imagine a more perfect couple. What they have been through have made them stronger at least through the end of TLW. They love each other despite their baggage and their character flaws and in the not to distant future, they will be back together. It’s what keeps them alive!

    7. Well, I just awarded Seahurst the Les Fan Tibette fanfic medal of bravery, but I think I gotta award you one, too. I honestly can’t figure out what I think is the right storyline for B&T. I kinda have a tummyache from your version , which is a testament to your great storytelling, since I am not generally a tibetter.. Brava!!

    8. Is there any chance you might return to the sequel to Home Again? Not sure I can follow your new story as I absolute love positive Bette and Tina stories and your writing is usually just that.

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