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    The White House

    The Private Residency of the President

    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW,

    Washington DC

    District Of Columbia



    “Baby?” Tina said looking at Bette as she brewed coffee for them both,

    “Mmm,” Bette was sat at the kitchen table, eating her toast and reading a report.

    “How would you feel about getting married at home?”

    “You want to get married here?”

    “No baby, I want to get married in New Hampshire.”

    Bette looked up and smiled.

    “You see Black Water as home?”

    “Of Course I do. It’s our home,” Tina smiled as she poured them both a freshly brewed coffee.

    “You want to get married there?”

    “Yeah, a quiet wedding, just us, our friends. I want to be your wife B,” Tina said as she put the cup down in front of Bette.

    Bette took her hand and stopped her walking away.

    “Is that what you really want?” Bette asked.

    “It is,” Tina said honestly.

    Bette smiled softly.

    “Then we will get married at the house then,”

    “Can we set a date?”

    “We will have to check my calendar,” Bette admitted. “I don’t want to end up double booked.”

    “Find me a date B, that’s all I ask.”

    “I will, you’re very important to me babe,”

    “I’m glad to hear it.” Tina grinned.

    “Good, We will do this,”

    “I want to be married before we have children,”

    “You really see us with kids?”

    “I do, don’t you?”

    “I want everything with you.” Bette smiled.

    “Are you sure?” Tina was nervous.

    “I am,”

    “When you first took me to Black Water I day dreamed about us and our children there, I’m sorry I don’t want to push you,” Tina went to move.

    Bette stopped her moving and slowly got her woman to look at her,

    “Why didn’t you ever tell me that?”

    “I don’t want to push you into a situation you don’t want to be in,”

    “Honey, I want a family with you. I want this. I will move heaven and earth to be married to you.” Bette said honestly.

    Tina nodded.

    “I love you,”

    “I love you too,” Bette smiled. “I will speak to Ben today about a wedding date okay?”

    “Okay,” Tina smiled.

    Bette slowly got up and got her cane, knowing she had to leave. Tina watched her leave and for the first time she felt like she was pushing Bette towards something she didn’t want.

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    1. Wow, It appears that Victoria was a selfish bitch. Tina might be rushing things a bit to consider having children but she and Bette have to be on the same page. Bette is older and is limited in her mobility. So it would be ideal for them to start soon. Thanks for posting as always!

    2. Two opinions so far if Tina is rushing Bette? I don’t know, this is not a normal relationship because Bette being the POTUS and they simply can’t do anything they want like dating and going out like “normal” couples.

      Bette is older and Tina is thirty, they love each other and both want children, so yes maybe they rush things but they both know what they want, each other, being married and having children.

      Victoria is such a bitch, i truly don’t understand Bette stayed with her for so many years, is it because she didn’t think there was some other woman like Tina who wanted her?

      Look forward to the next chapter!

    3. I think that Tina is rushing things… I think these two need to get climatized to being a couple first before bringing in a child. There is nothing routine about Bette and Tina’s relationship. They have very little time together in reality. As the POTUS, Bette is on call 24/7 and be ready to perform her duties at a moments notice. I would think that even with some down time with Tina, her job cannot be totally dismissed from her consciences. The job would limit Bette’s ability to really let go and be herself with Tina. I think its great to discuss the desire for children at this point but as far as making a plan for it to happen immediately would a mistake. I think they will make good parents and they should have children if that is what they desire. But I also believe that Bette should be in some sort of position where she can participate in the care for children and the time to support Tina through this period. My recommendation would be to postpone children until Bette was out of the White House. That would be 5 years max provided she runs for the next term and is elected. In that time, perhaps they will be more bonded and know each other better as to who they are. And when children come along, Bette will have the time to assist in the care giving and be present in the child’s life as well as Tina’s life.

      The relationship is really new and needs a little more time to grow and become solid. I do not see anything that would not allow that to happen except for Bette’s job and perhaps her physical condition. Bette’s physical condition is what it is but Bette that has not stabilized either. So many unknows and to put a baby into the mix? That is a lot pressures…

      Thanks for the update…

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