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    Finally Home

    ”Thanks for picking me up today and letting me move into your home.”

    Bette reaches over the center console of her car and clasps her hand in Tina’s. “It’s our home Baby, and I’m so glad you let me move you all in while you were still in treatment, so I don’t have to spend one more night away from you; and where else would I be?! I’ve been counting down the days until I could drive you home – I wouldn’t have let anyone else be here to pick you up.” Bette takes a moment to gain her composure before continuing. “I feel like discharging from treatment was the end of a book. You’ve grown so much Baby; you’re so strong. I know it’s a lifetime of work, but there’s a hope in you now that wasn’t there the day I saw you on the bridge. Walking with you into our home today is going to be like diving into whole new phase of our life together.” Bette comes to a stop at a red light and looks to Tina with tears in her eyes. “I plan on spending forever with you, and I hope you plan the same. I’m so thankful to have found you; I’m proud of who you are, and I am so, so proud to be with you Baby.”

    Bette focuses back on the road as the light turns green while Tina tries to dry her tears and find her words. They ride silently until pulling into the driveway. Bette parks and turns off the car before Tina rests her hand on her face. “You’re so beautiful Bette; not just your body – though it’s flawless – but your soul. You’ve grown too Bette. I hope you see that. You were seeing Dan for years, but it’s only been the last few months that you’ve seem to finally let some of that wall down and work through your own demons. I feel so special that you’ve shared so much of yourself and your story with me. I feel so honored and privileged to hold your heart, and I promise to tenderly protect it always.” Tina softly strokes the tears from Bette’s cheeks. “You don’t have to say anything – I see you – your tears are sacred to me.” Tina presses a whisper of a kiss to her lips. “Now show me my new home.”

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    1. Great news about your father! I ???? for a 100% recovery!

      So sweet of Bette to throw Tina a welcome home party.

      About Alice, what a horrible, annoying woman she is. How dare she show up drunk and say such awful things. Tina wasn’t a fan of her before they even met, but the way Alice spoke and embarrassed Bette about intimate information is simply outrageous and Tina and Bette will never forgive her for that. I know i wouldn’t forgive her. I had immediately evicted Alice from my home and banished her from my life forever. Bette deserves better friends than Alice, a friend who leaves her friend in difficult times and reveals her darkest secrets to everyone in what should be a happy and relaxing party.

      I respect Bette for temporarily putting it aside to give Tina a fun night, but I hope Bette will talk to her about it later and kick out of the house to never return!

      Fantastic chapter! Thank you!

      • Alice… there are no words for Alice. We won’t see Bette confronting Alice until about 3 chapters from now, but I promise you’ll see it, and we’ll find out exactly what is up Alice’s butt.

        Thanks for your prayers and for reading! :-)

    2. Excellent news about your father!

      Without starting at the beginning Of the story and re-reading can someone refresh my memory about the previous insensitive thing that Alice did? She was in it before correct? Is she jealous of Tina?

      • I am summarizing from memory. About 10 years ago – Bette, Alice and Shane all lived in New York. Bette found Shane living in abandoned cars and gave her a place to live and feed her and paid to get her trained as a hairdresser. Alice and Shane and Bette hung out together. Bette met Candace and had a relationship which turned abusive. Alice and Shane were aware of it and encouraged Bette to leave but she was trapped. Alice was to move to LA and talked Shane into going with her. Shane was about 16 at the time. Alice sent a note to Bette telling her she was leaving town and advising her to leave Candace but offered no real assistance. In the meantime, the relationship with Candace was getting more violent for Bette. Alice left and it was many months before Bette could escape the situation. Bette always believed that Alyce could have done more to assist Bette to get out of the situation. She blames Shane less because she was technically still a child at the time. But Alyce being an adult who knew the situation did nothing. Alyce never owned any responsibility toward for not helping Bette get out of the situation earlier than she did. Alyce being Alyce pictures herself as Bette’s closet friend and pouts went she is not shown the proper attention of her status. Once Bette came to LA, she got into the player lifestyle as while developing her gallery business. That lifestyle ended the night Bette went for a run and found Tina Kennard on a bridge getting ready to jump to her death.

        I accept all I said. This is my memory.

    3. Good news about your father :-)

      I have said it before, fairly mildly – I don’t like Alice. NOW let me say if loudly and aggressively – I Hate Alice!!

      Look forward to more of this great story!
      Stay safe

      • Thank you!

        I’m not a fan of Alice either. She was a bit more tolerable in GenQ – which is funny because I found the majority of GenQ to be intolerable and ridiculous – I digress, a rant for another time… :-)

        Anyway, in TLW I found Alice to be so annoying and at the center of a lot of unresolved issues. B&T had a lot of issues that needed to be worked out even before the Candace thing, but I always found it so annoying and problematic that Alice seemed to sow seeds of doubt in both Bette and Tina, and/or keep a conflict going so no resolution would abound. Instead of being a true friend and encouraging Tina to talk to Bette, she would encourage Tina to vent to her and commiserate about Bette’s shortcomings rather than offering a healthier perspective. Then she would talk about all of Bette’s habits – the ones she knew Tina was resentful or sensitive about – in front of everyone; couching it in humor as if she was just playing. I often wondered how their story would have turned out without Alice’s interference… perhaps that will be the next story I write when this one is complete…

        Thanks for reading! :-)

    4. Well, evidently, the reconciliation talks on Saturday went well. Tina and Bette worked out their differences and now Tina is moving in with a big surprise party. Wow…. how nice.

      Now…Alice comes along. Big mouth Alice. Personally, she would have been in the pool before Bette said “Alice” the second time. Oops!

      This the first night for Bette and Tina to be home as a couple. Bette and Tina have never had sex. And Tina has not had sex since the rape. My thoughts are that there may be some time and living together before they are ready for that. But this could be another hurtle to be dealt with in their blossoming relationship. Is Tina ready for this type of relationship? Alice certainly is assuming they are having sex. Do the other assume that as well? It is traditional with all the family nights at Bette’s house that there is always going to be a discussion about sex at some point during the event. Is that something Tina needs to be involved with on her first night out of hospitalized therapy from a rape? I would just hope that everyone would stay away from the topic and allow Bette and Tina to settle into their living arrangements for a while. Alice’s comments are so wrong for Bette but they are so wrong for Tina even more so!

      Thank you for this chapter….. I hope your Dad continues to improve and will be home soon. Nothing like some TLC and a home cooked meal to improve your spirits. Of course being with your family helps too.

      • Alice lives in the land of wrong, and land where no other dwells. I have no intention of redeeming her in this story – she will continue to be wrong and create conflict until a certain someone confronts her…

        Thank you for your kind words, insight, and for reading! :-)

    5. Agree with Martha. Someone needs to get Alice in line right quick or uninvite her. Tina cannot feel pressure regarding sex because of Bette’s classless friend. Shane seems much kinder. I don’t know why but I instantly go to Alice being jealous in stories where she is mean to Bette. This Alice is a doozy.

    6. So happy to hear about your dad. I will continue to pray for him. This was a great chapter. What is going on with AP? I would like to think she is jealous but it feels like more. Continue writing I am enjoying the story!

    7. I am certain I would not have had Tina’s grace around Alice. I would have hissed venom like a Cobra to a rat.

      Fabulous chapter. To a quick recovery for your father. Take Care.

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