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    Finding Daisy

    Lake Shore, New Orleans – Tuesday

    Feeling the light breeze sweep across her forehead, Bette furrowed her brows in confusion. Groaning softly, she felt the hardness of the ground beneath her- and a soft sensation beneath her chin. Opening her eyes, she saw the blueness of the sky- the sun in the distance. Feeling a weight on her shoulder, she peered down to see the blonde resting peacefully against her chest.

    Smiling softly, she gently ran her fingers through the silky blonde locks. Seeing Tina snuggle deeper into her hold, she bent her head to kiss the forehead of the blonde.

    Feeling the sensation of soft lips on her, Tina opened her eyes to look up and saw dark orbs staring down at her. “Morning,” she said- her voice slightly hoarse.

    “Morning,” Bette whispered, smiling down at the blonde.

    Sitting up slowly, Tina ran her fingers through her still wavy hair as she looked at the open water, “I can’t believe we fell asleep.”

    Bette laughed, the smile never leaving her face. Sitting up next to the blonde, she looked out at the birds flying in the sky.

    “What time is it?” Tina asked, yawning as she looked over at Bette- brushing a curl behind her ear.

    Bette kissed Tina’s hand as she went to grab her phone to see the time, “uh- 8:36…”

    Tina nodded, scooting backward so she was leaning against the bark of the tree, “what time is your meeting with that artist you met on Sunday?”

    “You remembered?” Bette asked, smiling as she watched Tina nod. “I’m meeting him at 1-ish.”

    Tina nodded, closing her eyes once more as she stretched her arms over her head. “You should probably get going. Alice is probably wondering where you are.”

    “Yeah…wait what?” Bette asked, confused by the wording. “What do you mean I should get going?”

    “Oh,” Tina said, standing up and offering her hands to the brunette to help her stand. “I’m sticking around here. I got some stuff I have to do.”

    Furrowing her brows, “I can drive you.”

    Tina shook her head, “no, really. It’s okay.”

    “I insist,” Bette said, wrapping her arms around the blonde. “Really, I’ll drive you.”

    Tina smiled tightly, “go.”

    “Why won’t you let me drive you?” Bette asked, backing away softly.

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    1. I caught that little “Always” in this story that reminds me of another little story that I miss ;)

      And Alice, when will you ever learn to stay out of everyone else’s business? I mean you choose NOW to take Alice’s advice, Bette?!

      Thank you for the updates Kylie! Hope you have an amazing weekend and PPS!

    2. Thank you for the chapter!

      The “great friend” Alice – Bette take her ith her trip, payed for her from own money, and Alice betrayed her trust and send text to Tina from her phone. I understand that Alice don’t have own life, but she need to learn lessons to stay away from friends life. I don’t know if thing like that my friend did – our friendship would be over. For me it’s unforgivable. But Bette of course will forgive Alice, like always. But maybe, just maybe it could be lesson for Bette and in the future she would stop all discussion with her about own relationship

    3. And another thing – i guess i don’t understand conseption about hardened feelings. If Tina’s has it – why she even first to suggested about broke up with Bette before they would to deep in relationship and get hurt? She can’t get hurt afterwards (or she hurt less than normal human) -so for her normal befavior would be have fun why you can and than move on.

    4. YESSSSS! was wondering when gator girl was going to pop in there. had to rewatch AHS’s season of “coven” last night. your story here has me on a binge watch of the series. so great how your vision intertwines with the storyline.

      so tina…she is feeling a stronger connection to bette than anticipated? her reaction on receiving Alice’s text from bettes phone… do they say, “hell will be paid for that transgression…” hate to think what will happen when the true wrath of bette and tina combined go against alice for that “hope i am doing the right thing……for the sake of bette……” tina seems to be unforgiving and extremely protective of those she loves and vows to protect. her “heated anger” literally will kill. why do i get the funny feeling shane is part of this adventure connecting LA to the crescent city? and how will helena react when she meets bette for their meeting and finding out about tina and bette,,,,oh hell. HOW will peggy react when she “hears” of tina and bette? AND, WHO has the ultimate power to forgive tina’s endless journey into night of “not being human” and allow her…….when she realizes her life belongs with bette……. to live a human life with bette…..OR, will the tables be turned conditionally for tina where bette will have to “join” the group of undead to be with tina forever? OR, is the connection to the crescent city from LA someone in bette’s family who has not been introduced yet? is there a page in some family’s book of spells that forecasts a greater power will build lasting peace between two feuding families….a power of two who are exact polar opposites. tina has got to stop carrying the weight on her shoulder alone.

      ok. off my soapbox. your story i have to say gets multiple thumbs up from me. your timeline details combined with your weaving of this tale is so simple, yet so visual. being able to see in the mind’s eye the tale you weave, is a rare talent only given to those few who use few words to describe the world. you are one of the few. i applaud your talent and continue to enjoy reading this tale and any tale you wish to share. thank you for that. thank you for sharing again, another chapter of this intriguing story with endless possibilities. WELL PLAYED!


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