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    Fire and Flames Releases

    They had arrived at the Planet and had ordered dinner, before Tina had made her excuses and gone back out to the car to get the four parcels. She smiled to herself as she walked back in, she walked over the counter and looked at her sister in law, picked one of the brown wrapped 10×8 pieces that she label for Kit.


    “Yes baby girl?” Kit smiled, she loved her sister-in-law and was glad that her sister had found love with someone like Tina

    “This is for you, its number 22 in my series.”

    “What?” Kit looked shocked as she took the parcel and opened it, smiling when she saw it was a coffee cup and microphone made up of flames that Tina had painted on a black canvas using a number of reds, yellows and oranges. It was a clever piece. “Baby girl,”

    Kit had tears in her eyes as she came around the counter and hugged Tina. Tina who normally wouldn’t let any one near her hugged her sister in law.

    “This is apart of your Fire and Flames series.” Kit asked as she took in the piece and saw that in the corner it was numbered 22 and signed by Tina.

    “I thought you could put it up in here, I hope you like it,”

    “I love it, thank you baby girl so much.”

    Bette had been watching from one side and saw the smile on Kit’s face at the fact she had a Tina Kennard. She watched as Tina hugged her one more time and walked over to the table.

    “Alice this is for you, you have number 23.”

    “Number 23, as in the Fire and Flames series that you’re about to launch.” Alice said shocked.

    “correct, I’ve just given Kit number 22 you get number 23.” Tina passed the 10×8 over to Alice who looked confused.

    Alice slowly opened hers and inside was a radio made up of fire with smoke coming from the image. It was on white paper and looked stunning. Alice looked up shocked before looking back down and the framed image. She couldn’t believe that Tina had done this for her.

    “Thank you so much, this is amazing.”

    “It’s my pleasure, Shane,” Tina turned to Shane who was smiling at Alice’s reaction. Shane turned Tina,

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    1. Love how Tina personalized the art for Kit, Alice, Shane, and of course Bette. What will the bidding bring? I hope Peggy successfully gets one and I pray Kelly does not. Tina is coming out of her shell and deserves some drama free success and happiness. But what does she mean that tonight could change everything?

    2. The series of paintings seem really exciting… so from the flames comes the coffee cup? The radio? And the hands of friendship? And the sun beams of light and happiness? I would really like to see one of these paintings. Sound intriguing…

      Tina is still needing lots of rest and regular healthy meals. Her energy levels are not yet comparable to Bette’s yet. She is improving but her sleep and rest cycles are not quiet normal. She is still dependent on medications to sleep at the appropriate times. When she gets to the point where she can go to bed at a reasonable time, and sleep through the night 7 or 8 hours without sleep aids, then she will be on a normal sleep cycle.

      Her artwork looks like it will bring in about 525K and there will be no commissions involved. That is a pretty good payday. But from what has been revealed in prior chapters, Tina has significant assets and has no need for the money except to give her some additional security. She made a boatload of money on the show at Bette’s gallery. So it would look like she would not have to work for several years and still not touch her inheritance. She may have more assets than Bette. How knows. We don’t know what money Bette got from Melvin. But Bette’s gallery seems to be very successful in a sporadic fashion. But Bette seems to be well off in her own right.

      As to what Tina has planned next? Well, I have a guess which I am going to send in a private message to another reader. I do not want to influence the writer incase she has not written it yet. Of course I have been wrong in the past, so it happens.

      Thank you for this chapter…. love to see another series of chapters again… Thankyou..

    3. Still loving it, hope Peggy snags a couple of original Kennard’s. I hope Kelly doesn’t start any mess. If she does she will live to regret it, the family loves Tina and will defend her to the death. PPS

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