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    First Night Out

    Tina sat with her eyes closed as Bette drove towards the Planet, it was the first time they were going out since Tina’s seizure.  She was very calm and relaxed, she had taken up yoga and was sleeping well. She had started drawing again but they were pencil drawings. Tonight they were going to celebrate Alice’s birthday.

    They pulled up into space and Bette feed the metre as Tina got out of the ar. She yawned.

    “Are you okay?” Bette asked as she picked up the present they had bought for Alice. She took her wife’s hand.

    “Yeah I’m good, you don’t need to worry,”

    “I will always worry,”

    “I’m fine, honestly,” Tina said as she moved closer to her wife, her body pressing against Bette’s arm as they made their way towards the Planet. “I will tell you if and when I get to tired for all this okay?”

    “Okay, I know you will,” Bette was just glad that Tina was here. They walked into the Planet and the place was busy, Bette could see that the girls were all around a large table in the outside area. They walked over,

    “Happy birthday Alice,” Bette said as they approached the table. Alice got up and hugged them both,

    “Thank you, I didn’t think you’d come,”

    “Ti’s feeling okay but if she gets tired we will be going home,” Bette said,

    Tina tensed slightly as Alice hugged her, she still wasn’t comfortable with people touching her.

    “I’m so happy you are here,” Alice whispered and Tina smiled, as Alice pulled away

    “Happy birthday,” Tina moved and took a seat next to Shane with a seat the other side of her free for Bette.

    “Can I get you a drink babe?” Bette asked as she rubbed her wife’s shoulder.

    “A mocktail would be great,” Tina replied. Smiling

    Bette smiled and walked away towards the bar. She stood waiting tapping her fingers on bar.

    “Wow the great Bette Porter,” A woman said beside her, Bette turned and looked at a woman she’d not seen in years.

    “Kelly Wentworth,” Bette said, “What are you doing in a gay bar?”

    “Keeping my options open.” Kelly replied as she flicked her hair.  “You?”

    “Celebrating one of my best friends birthdays,” Bette smiled,

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    1. Hey UKendeavour,

      Glad to see you back with this story!

      I am happy Tina is feeling much more better but that Kelly woman is not going to cause problems i hope!

      Thanks for the update!

    2. I agree with BiBi, Kelly is going to cause some problems. I am interested in some more of the backstory on Tina. Why is she so shy, so fragile? Maybe I missed it in an earlier chapter, I will look and see. Glad you posted, this is a sweet story.

      • I went back to the first chapter to refreshed my mem and found that Tina is just an extremely shy person. Introverted. She’s just not one who naturally promotes herself.

        She wants her art to “speak”, but will eventually have to step out of her comfort zone as demand increases.

        She’s shy, but I sense she has gr8 business acumen. She immediately asked Bette to draw up a contract prior to going forward with any showing.

    3. Curious as to why Tina is so fragile. I know Bette loves her and is totally devoted. But I also hope Tina begins to show some growth for the long term. Tina is a brilliant artist yet something is holding her back in other aspects of her life. Shane seems to be the only person other than Bette who Tina feels comfortable with. And now Kelley Wentworth. Nothing good can come from this. She may try to mess with Tina’s head. Set up some skullduggery. Please let Tina become more self assured.

    4. Bette takes such good care of Tina. I would like to know more of the backstory regarding how Tina got to be so insecure. It seems the only person other than Bette who she is comfortable with is Shane. I hope she begins to feel better and that maybe Bette can gently learn the source of her problems. Meanwhile agree with the others that Kelly definitely plans some skullduggery. Beware Bette. Beware Tina. Do not let her mess with your head!

    5. Hi UK,

      Thanks for the update & glad to know that Tina is feeling better medically.

      Like many of the other comments here, what’s really going on with Tina? What’s causing this intense shyness???

      And Kelly appearing – that can’t be a good sign. Yikes!!!

      Looking forward to finding out about this Kelly.


    6. I agree with Danielle. This is a nice story which I hope gets completed. However UK has some other really good stories which have not been completed going back a couple of years. I would LOVE to see them finished as I am still waiting on the edge of my seat for continuation and completion.

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