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    First TIme

    Bette knelt, naked, her hands tied behind her back, her eyes down. Bette’s hair was in a lose ponytail at the nape of her neck. She felt at peace and she couldn’t explain it. she hadn’t expected any of this before, but the moment that Tina had linked the soft robes around her wrists she felt like she was relaxing.

    She took a deep breath. she could hear Tina behind her.

    “Give up your power to me, shouldn’t have been that easy for a first time. you must really want this,” Tina gently ran her fingers through Bette’s hair. Bette moved her head into Tina’s touch. It felt natural. “I want to make you mine.”

    “I want that too Mistress,” Bette whispered.

    Tina smiled. she fisted her hand in Bette’s hair and yanked her head back. Bette went willing and Tina saw her eyes open in pain. Tina lent down and kissed Bette’s forehead before letting go of her head. Bette moaned. Tina moved around and sat on the arm chair that was in one corner.

    “Crawl to me Sweetness,” the way Tina said sweetness made Bette wet. She moved shuffling on her knees towards Tina, who had removed her pants and was now wearing a skirt, that she pulled up revealing her wet centre. Bette knew between Tina’s legs.

    “Lick, make me cum. If you manage to make me cum, I will reward you. if you fail I will punish you. as your hands are tied you can only use your mouth. I will make it a little easier for you,” Tina moved, making sure she was slightly off the chair to make sure Bette could get to her centre.

    Bette moved forward and took Tina’s clit between her lips. Tina moaned as Bette’s tongue lapped at Tina’s clit while she sucked it.

    Tina threw her head back, her hands going to her breasts, pulling at her nipples through her crisp shirt. Bette doubled her efforts wanting to make Tina come. Tina could feel it happening. her legs shaking as she let herself go cumming hard. she gently pushed Bette away from her centre. Bette’s mouth covered in her wetness.

    “You have skills Ms Porter.” Tina gave herself a couple of seconds to recover. “Skills that only I will know now.”

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