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    Five Words

    Kennard Porter household….

    The following morning, Tina and Bette walk into their kitchen.

    Tina: I just don’t get why she would want to play that sport, I mean of all the ones out there. Why field hockey?

    Bette smiles as she walks over and pours a cup of coffee.

    Bette: Well not all of us can excel at board games, Chubby Checkers.

    Tina slowly turns around and smirks at her laughing wife.

    Tina: Very funny…. I hope you think that jab at my childhood moniker will be worth it while you’re sitting on that ice.

    Bette laughs as she walks over to Tina.

    Bette: Oh please, you and I both know you’re too hooked at the moment to put anybody on ice.

    Tina: I can show you better than I can tell you, Bette Porter…

    Bette sits her coffee down and traps Tina between her arms.

    Bette: I’ll just have to make a call to Tiana and see if she’s available because my wife is blaming me for the name given to her by the kids she used to smack around in checkers…

    Tina laughs and then leans in and kisses Bette.

    Tina: If only we had like ten more minutes.

    Just as Tina says this, Angie walks into the kitchen.

    Bette: I think our daughter has some kind of sensor…

    Angie: What kind of sensor?

    Tina laughs and taps Bette on the butt as she walks over to the coffee maker.

    Tina: Nothing, your Mama’s just being silly, baby.

    Angie hops on a stool and rests her elbows on the kitchen island.

    Angie: Oh…. have you guys decided if I can try out for the team yet?

    Tina: Not yet, you just told us about it yesterday, Angie.

    Angie: I know…. but I need you guys to sign the permission slip. Tryouts are next week.

    Tina turns around as she takes the first sip of her coffee.

    Tina: We’ll let you know honey, okay?

    Angie’s shoulders drop as she nods.

    Angie: Okay

    Tina puts her coffee on the counter.

    Tina: I’m gonna go get little man ready.

    Bette: Okay…

    Tina leaves and Angie looks at Bette with a pout on her face.

    Angie: Mama…

    Bette smiles as she grabs her coffee.

    Bette: I’m working on it, sweetie.

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    1. Wow, I’m the first.
      thank you so much, browneyedgirl28. It’s an amazing chapter,
      I wonder what did Jenny see?
      It’s very mind triggered that there are always funny and tense part,
      make the whole story so fascinating.
      Please post soon, can’t wait for your next chapter.
      BTW happy to see that Tina and Bette so lovely together,
      no more drama please Jenny…

    2. Gosh, Tonya is one. stupid. BITCH.! Happy Dana told her to leave, just surprised Bette didn’t tell her. Please don’t let crazy jenny do anything stupid. And what the hell was she still doing in the house when everyone else had left. Tina is going to regret having the crazy fool in their home, big time.

    3. Amazing update! You touched a subject that not everyone dares to do. The speeches from Kit and Bette were incredible. It is sad that people live in fear because they love the same gender, have a different color, have a different religion or believes. It is a shame and makes me angry.

      Glad that Dana kicked Tonya out, next should be Jenny. Never liked or trusted her. Who the hell does she think she is for reading text messages on the phone from somebody else. But i do wonder about the text myself and i hope you will reveal soon what it is all about. But no drama for Tibette please.

      Thank you for the update!

    4. Amazing, you’ve just upped the Fanfiction game! Thank you for thought provoking writing. It’s always a pleasure to escape into our fantasy worlds, but it’s great to be reminded of the realities faced by many in our societies. Always enjoy your writing but now I’m soooooo biting my nails for more

    5. Humor – check
      Drama – check
      Socio-Political Commentary – check

      Is there anything you can’t write? Of course not!

      This is still one of my favorite stories and it only gets better.

      Can’t wait for the next installment! Thanks, B.E.G!

    6. BEG what a wonderful chapter! I cannot express to you enough how much I enjoy your Bette/Tina stories.

      I think it so cute how both Bette and Tina are always threatening to ICE out one another, when it is very clear that they have a very healthy active sex life together.

      Come on Tina let Angie play a team sport, she is probably as competitive and good as you were with them Checkers. :)

      I know Bette only wants Kit to be happy and find somebody that will treat her right. Benjamin was always kinda smug and a know it all. I hope he is coming correct now. Peggy loves her some Bette (hahaha), I almost forgot about Helena Art Show!

      Jenny. Jenny. JENNY…CRAZY AZZ, JENNY!
      Why in the hell is looking at somebody else’s text messages, with her messy azz!
      I hope it was an innocent message from Kelly about coming to L.A. to “hook up” with Bette for her Art contact or expertise! Anyway, Jenny should mine her business!

      Last but definitely not least, that bytch Tonya!
      Dana you should have left crazy under that rock you found her under…so thoughtless and inconsiderate!

      It broke my heart when Bette said she would have to have “the Talk” to Micheal and how different the world will judge him and Joshua! Love the way you blend the social commentary into this story…really enjoyed it. THANK YOU.

      Looking forward to the next chapter!

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