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    The Kennard Porter Private Residence

    4589 Honey Drew Lane

    Silver Lake

    Los Angeles


    United States of America


    Bette rolled over and wrapped her arm around Tina who was lay beside her. she curled her body around her wife. she knew that Tina hadn’t had a good night’s sleep. She needed her to relax, she was glad they had the day together before Tina’s rally and working load started up again.

    Bette kissed her wife’s shoulder. Gently moving her lips along the scar that covered her shoulder blade, the only one of the physical scars that Tina ever let anyone see.

    Tina rolled onto her back, even though over the years Tina was completely find with Bette kiss and touching her scars after her dreams during the night she didn’t want anyone to look at them. Tina looked at her wife, putting her own arms around Bette.

    “Morning baby,” Bette kissed her cheek.

    “Morning, I’m sorry I’ve kept you up most of the night,” Tina gently ran her fingers along Bette’s arms.

    “It’s fine really,”

    “You’re too good to me,”

    “It’s a two way street,” Bette replied. “You need to relax today. Shane, Alice, Jenny, Dana and Kit are coming around later. We can cook on the grill, drink and enjoy our friends before the craziness starts up again, your mind needs to switch off for a little while.”

    “You are right,”

    “I always am,”

    “Really Bette? how will you get out the house if your head is so big.” Tina laughed.

    “I’m sure I will manage. If not my wife is running for president and she will make a bill to help my big head.”

    Tina laughed hard. Bette knew how to do that too her.

    “I will think about that,” Tina laughed as she slowly pushed herself up in bed, pushing her hair out of the face. she sat back against the headboard.

    Bette looked at her wife she could see on her face that she’d had a bad night.

    “Do you want to talk about it?” Bette asked, as she moved herself and looked at her wife. taking her in. she was wearing a white tank top and baggy lounge pants. Bette thought she looked sexy as hell. She was still very attracted to her wife.

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