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    Flowing Water

    The Black Water Estate

    The Private Residence of President Elizabeth Porter

    Forest Lane


    New Hampshire



    Tina stood at the edge of the stream which ran through Bette’s property. Her left arm was in a sling to stop her moving it around as the wound needed to heal. She was taking a deep breath. She knew her life was changing. Her phone had already blown up with people talking about the fact she was with the President. She was currently ignoring anything but work related stuff. She couldn’t cope with the outside world right now. She was in her bubble. Friday night had actually scared her, she’d not expected Gary to attack her when she’d rejected him. she watched the clear water flowing freely. She could see herself here, married to Bette with a baby. Shit where did the thought of children come in. She’d always wanted a family, but now she saw Bette has the other parents, her dreams and thoughts before hadn’t including anyone else. Now she saw her and Bette together with children. She shook her head. it was too soon for them to even being thinking about children. Let alone marriage. Saying that she was moving in with Bette. yet she understand it was safer for her to do so. She was public property because of Bette showing up at the hospital and the story being sold.

    Tina took in the fresh air and turned when she heard footsteps behind her, there was Bette, learning on her cane wearing baggy jeans and tank top, showing of her arms. Her hair was in a lose ponytail at the nap of her neck.

    “You’ve found the stream,” Bette said as she came up to Tina

    “And you’ve found that there is an outside world.” Tina replied.

    “Hey now?”

    “Bette you spend too much time inside,”

    “I do, I know that. I should get out more, I’m nervous around large numbers of people,”

    “That’s natural after what happened,”

    “Ever the Doctor,”

    “You know it.” Tina laughed. “Listen coming outside is good for you, you need to get used to being completely in public again. When I was hurt you didn’t care about yourself and you came to me,”

    “Yeah with five of my Detail.”

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    1. This story flows like the serene stream on the Pres’s property!! Just love it!! Humor and commitment and blossoming love.

      Looking 4ward to when Tina shares that she has seen herself married to Bette AND they,with a family

    2. You always thank us for reading your great story., but it is us who should always thank for sharing your work of love. I know everyone thinks that Tina and Bette are moving too fast. But love can be a jet stream. Please post soon. Thank you again!

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