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    Forever Yours Chapter 1

    Forever Yours.



    Chapter 1.


    The California Art Centre

    1458 Fountain Avenue

    West Hollywood

    Los Angeles.




    Bette looked up from the file she was looking at, right into the face of the woman who had kissed her the night before, she knew it had all be a massive mistake. She didn’t want to go down that road, she couldn’t.

    “I just wanted to let you know I was working out here,” Candice said, looking at her like she was fresh meat,

    Bette hated that look but right now she was hating herself even more. She shouldn’t have let last night happen. It was wrong. She not just let herself down, she’d let Tina down.

    Candice moved off.

    Bette turned to face her desk, flipping through the blue folder. Maybe she should have gone to Dinah Shore with the girls. Enjoyed a weekend away with her wife, partied with her friends instead of working a seventy-hour week and driving herself into the ground. She had to get this show up and running. She had to prove people like Faye Buckley wrong. She wanted to make Peggy and the CAC proud. She felt like she had the weight of the world on her shoulders.

    Two arms slipped around her waist and she felt herself tense a little, whomever was behind her was kissing her shoulder,

    “I’m sorry,” Bette whispered. “I can’t.” She thought it was Candice trying it on with her again. Two more kisses to her shoulder.

    “Do what babe?” Tina’s voice broke the silence.

    Bette smiled. Her baby was home, she felt her heart beat rise. She turned and smiled into the face of a woman who had held her heart for seven years.

    Tina moved forward and their lips touched, it was a soft gentle kiss.

    “I don’t think I can put the show on in three weeks.” Bette managed, she couldn’t tell Tina what had happened while she was away.

    “You can do it,” Tina said, her voice telling Bette that Tina really did believe in her. “That party.” Tina added rubbing Bette’s arms. “Was so crazy.”

    Bette laughed softly, she’d done Dinah Shore before meeting Tina and knew how crazy it got.

    “God, it just made me want to come home and curl up in bed with you.” Tina said softly.

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    1. Oh god, you are back and with a amazing sexy first chapter!

      I missed you and your great talent to write B&T stories.

      I hope you will be able to update regular.

      One question for you, did you ever recieved my pm’s i wrote to you? I would be very happy if you could post / update Your story : Your Arms Feel Like Home..

      You were reposting it last year, but stopped.

      I am very happy to see you back!

    2. Welcome back Endeavour:

      What a wonderful surprise, and what a beautiful story, it is very refreshing to read a story nicer than in the show (I’m not saying the show was bad, indeed for me was very good, but could have been nicer); I hope you may write this story until the end, and write many more; your stories have always been remarkable and excellent, and I would like to keep enjoying them.

      Here, you show us Bette in one of her lower moments, but you portrait her as a woman who is still able to stay afloat about her feelings and her life, the one, who making the right decision and following her heart can save her relationship, and that, I like it very much.

      I think, for me and probably for many people, Bette and Tina are ‘the iconic lesbian couple’; thanks for write again about them and I hope you will keep doing it.

      Thanks again for this precious story; I will be eagerly waiting for the update, pps.


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