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    Forever Yours Chapter 2

    Chapter 2


    The Planet

    7123 Santa Monica Blvd

    West Hollywood

    Los Angeles.




    Bette pulled her blue Saab up to the curb and smiled at Tina who was sat beside her, this felt so normal. This morning they had woken up still wrapped in each other’s arms almost completely wrapped around each other. They had showered and dressed together, it felt like the early days of their relationship again. The love she had always felt was slowly returning. It felt good.

    Tina opened her eyes and slipped her sun glasses off, looking at her woman, who dressed casually in jeans and a purple top, as the CAC was closed to the public while they installed the art for the show,  Bette was going with a more relaxed approach to work. Tina reached out and took her hand.

    “Thank you,” She whispered.

    “What for?” Bette asked, frowning. She couldn’t work out what her woman was on about.

    “Last night,”

    “Oh that,” Bette grinned, removing her own sun glasses.

    “You say it like it was nothing, my God Bette it’s been a long time since you left me that weak after sex.” Tina admitted.

    “Did you enjoy it?” Bette asked, gently playing with her wife’s fingers.

    Tina made a small laugh sound. Making Bette look at her.

    “Bette, how could I not enjoy that. It’s been a long time since you had that fire. You treatment me like the woman I am instead of the piece of art you something think I am.” Tina said slowly.

    “What do you mean by that?”

    “Sometimes, just sometimes you act like I’m going to break. I’m not.”

    “I’m sorry,” Bette said, she never wanted that for Tina.

    “Hey more nights like last night you will never have to be sorry.” Tina laughed. She was trying to lighten the mood.

    Bette smiled, before getting out of the car, Tina took a deep breath and pushed her short blonde hair out of her face and got out as well, the crossed the street into the Planet. It was busy. It was always busy now, they remembered when it had first opened and it was never busy, now it was like they had to fight for a table, they could see Shane and Alice huddled at a table at the far end of the café.

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    1. Hi Endeavour:

      Amazing, it took a lot of courage for Bette, to tell the truth, but it is worthy, she loves Tina; and Candice is becoming a stone in the shoe that has to be removed and throw away; glad Tina is very understanding about Bette’s mistake and realizes it is also a little bit her fault.
      Thank you for the quick update and waiting for more.


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