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    Forward Thinking

    Bette Porter Campaign HQ

    The Wind Building

    1258 Main Street

    Downtown LA.

    Los Angeles




    Tina walked into the building, her flight had touched down two hours ago and right now all she wanted was to see her wife, she hadn’t even been home yet. Her heeled boots clicked as she walked through the desks heading towards Bette’s office, She knew she still drew looks and today was no different as she was dressed in a pair of leather pants, a comfortable woolie sweater she had worn to travel in and her favourite boots. Her shot bobbed hair moved with he hips as she walked. She gently knocked on Bette’s office door.

    “Come in,” Bette’s voice came from the other side.

    Tina walked in and closed the door, taking in her wife, who was sat behind her desk, her glasses on the end of her nose as she was reading something intently. Tina just stood there for a couple of moments before moving further into the room.

    Bette looked up at the sound of the heels on the hard wood floor. Her face broke into a grin when she saw her wife. She took her glasses off, and got up, within seconds they were in each others arms. Bette kissed her wife’s lips before hugging her close.


    “Hey B,” Tina gently ran her fingers through her wife’s soft hair.

    Bette slowly pulled away and took in her wife, she hadn’t seen her in four weeks as she was finishing a job in Canada with her Television studio. Bette kissed her again. She couldn’t help herself.

    Tina pulled away. Before moving and sitting down.

    “Can I get you  drink?”

    “I’d love a cup of hot tea,” Tina said softly.

    Bette smiled before walking over and opening the door to office.

    “James can you get Ti a cup of hot tea and I’d like coffee please.”

    “Sure Bette.”

    Bette closed the door and walked back to Tina,

    “How was your flight?”

    “It was good, having the secret service with me is different.”

    “Well you could become the First Lady, Detail are going to become a part of our lives.”

    “I know,” Tina said. “Just strange to have three men with me at all times.”

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    1. Hi UK,
      Really like the start of this. Tina’s home, and all is as it should be. Let’s see what other tricks that damn Candace tries to pull. Too bad for her that Bette and Tina are in too good of a place for her to hurt them. Looking forward to the next chapter.


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