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    Forward We Go

    Tina stood in front of the mirror in their large bathroom, her hands resting on her stomach. She couldn’t believe it. She gently ran her fingers lightly over the bump that had appeared in the last few days. She knew she was pregnant. It had been six months since she had sold out her show in six minutes. She had taken three months off and had barely drawn. In that time her and Bette had found a donor. They had tried for two months and then three months ago it had turned out she was pregnant, and she had started to take photos of her body. She wanted to document the changes in her body. She wanted to make art from her changes.

    Bette walked into bathroom and grinned. Today then were finally going to tell their friends. Tina had wanted to keep it between them for a while. Bette wrapped her arms around her wife and rested her hands onto her stomach. She kissed her wife’s neck.

    “Good morning,” Bette mumbled.

    “Good morning,                “

    “Are you feeling okay?” Bette asked, she knew that Tina had had a little morning sickness.

    “I’m good, I’m a little hungry.”

    “Well if you put some clothes on we can get to the Planet and you can have some lovely breakfast,”

    “Okay, I never thought you’d be telling me to put clothes on.” Tina laughed as she moved out of her wife’s arms and went around her.

    “I normally wouldn’t but I’m not taking you out naked. You’re nakedness is for my eyes only.”

    “What about the photos I’ve been taking?”

    “They are a side view of you aren’t they?

    “Yea but as I get bigger I won’t be able to hide my boobs,”

    “Maybe I should be in the photos,” Bette said as she lent against the door frame.

    “Doing what?”

    “Holding you breasts,”

    Tina shook her head.

    “That’s a good idea, would you be topless too?” Tina asked as she got dressed.

    “Would you like me to be topless?” Bette asked,

    “Yes, I’m using black and white film. Maybe wear a nice pair of jeans. I want to take a picture once a week all the way through. I want to celebrate the changes in my body, even when I feel unsexy and grumpy which will happen.”

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    1. Love Tina’s idea to chronicle her pregnancy and include Bette. I would bid on that! Kelly is a real nuisance. Why continue to approach Bette about Tina’s art? So obsessed she is hanging out in hopes of spotting her? Just go away woman!!! Hope she doesn’t show up at their house. How many times and ways can she be told no! Do not upset a pregnant Tina or a protective Bette!

    2. Tina is growing into her own. Bette and Tina trust each other explicitly. I wouldn’t want to cross a pissed off Bette in a dark alley by no means. I feel Tina’s natural mother bear instincts will kick in soon especially with pregnancy hormones. I love Tina dryly role Kelly to get to the back of the line of the email list. If Peggy Peabody is big enough to be on the mailing list, Kelly, flaunt my status and wealth, can be on the list too. Kelly puts on her pants on just like this rest of us. Time for Tina to put Kelly out to pasture.

    3. Well, Baby it’s good, but is in’t to risky? Tina recently had serious health problems and after that they decided that it was her who carry the baby? Why Bette couldn’t do it?

    4. So they are going to have a baby!!! I like the way Bette is protective of Tina… they are at three months, that’s good.

      I love that Bette is so into having a baby…so proud to be married to Tina and so in love with her.

      Kelly is obsessed with Kelly… she is of the assumption that Bette controls Tina which is absolutely false. Kelly is going to step on Bette’s toes and Bette will end up decking her. And if she goes after Tina in anyway, shape, or form, not only will she have Bette ready to give her a whoop-ass, Shane might finish her off.

      Nice chapter – love to see more….

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