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    The Campaign Office of Tina Kennard

    1789 Main Avenue

    51st Floor

    Hammersmith Building


    New Hampshire

    United States of America.


    Tina was pacing the floor of her office. She stopped every now and then to look out of the window at the city below her. Her life and world was changing. She was being a very public figure. She also knew that Michaels was attacking her and her politics at every turn.

    “Ms Kennard,” She turned at the sound of Dani’s voice.

    “Sometimes I wish you’d just call me Tina,”

    “Tina,” Dani smiled. “We’ve just got some ratings in, you’re doing well you’re about four points ahead of Michaels.”

    “I think if he stopped bitching about my sexuality he would win some people over.”

    “That’s not what we want, we want you in the White House and not that media hungry dumb ass.” Dani replied. Looking at her boss, “When we get to LA you’ve got a lot of media as well as a major rally.”

    “I’m not really looking forward to being in LA,”


    “A lot of history, between Bette and I, some of it not so great,”

    “Will she be joining us?”

    “Yes and you know that, security would have told you that Bette’s coming. She’s got managers in place at all her galleries. She in this for the long haul with me.”

    “She’s going to be First Lady if you become President.”

    “I’m aware of that,”

    “Do you think any of her passed lovers would sell their stories?”

    “I’m sure at some point it will happen Dani, and all we can do is react to it, if and when it happens. Bette has a past which I do not. She’s older than me. I’m not going to hide the fact that my only relationship has been with Bette. I was a very driven young woman. I wasn’t into love and sex I was into reading and getting good grades. Bette, well I meet Bette at the right time. I was ready to love.”

    Dani listened and nodded.

    “May I ask a personal question?” Dani asked

    “Nothing has stopped you before,” Tina asked as she started to pick her papers up. they had an early flight tomorrow and she wanted to get home.

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    1. Just read it on another platform.

      I am curious about Tina’s past now. What happend that they will not have it come out?

      Love how you portray Bette as the supportive and devoted wife and who is willing to protect Tina as much as she can by allowing the press and Micheal to smudge her by bringing up her affair from seven years ago.

      Fantastic story!

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