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    Friday Night



    Tina opened her eyes, waking from a light sleep, she could hear crying in the distance. She looked around and saw that Bette was beside her sleeping. Tina slowly slipped out of bed and padded along the hallway into Xavier’s room.

    Xavier was lay in his cot, crying. He was not happy at all.

    “Ah, little man,” Tina whispered, something clicked for her and she picked him up gently. “Aww are you wet? Shall we change you,”

    Tina walked over to the changing table and set about changing his diaper, she smiled at him and tried her best to get his attention to calm him down. All she wanted to was for him to be okay. Once he was changed and dry, she picked him up and gently placed his head against her shoulder. Walking slowly up and down the room, gently rocking him, whispering a story to him, that she was making up as she went along. Xavier gently snuggled deeper into his mother’s shoulder.




    Bette woke, looking around the darkness, she noticed at once that Tina was gone. Her heart was racing. Had Tina left again? Bette slowly got up and wrapped herself into her robe. She was scared, that Tina may have left again. She was panicking inside. She walked out of the bedroom and saw a soft light glowing from Xavier’s room.

    Bette walked down and slowly opened the door. Her heart pounding in her chest. She opened the door and there was Tina, in the rocking chair beside Xavier’s cot. Xavier was sleeping with this head on her chest, Tina’s arm was protectively under his bum keeping him in place. Tina’s head had fallen to one side in sleep her blonde hair tied at the nape of her neck. She looked younger than her years. She also looked at peace.

    Bette walked into the room and gently lifted Xavier out of Tina’s arms, Tina’s eyes opened at once.

    “You can’t sleep like this babe,” Bette whispered as she put Xavier into his cot,

    Tina nodded and got up, her back going crack as she did so. Bette smiled gently as reached out and took Tina’s hand. Tina looked at her son before wrapping her hand around Bette’s and let Bette led them back to her room.

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    1. Middle of the night diaper change and calming influence on Xavier is so huge. Major thumbs up! I think I would have given Tina more time holding Xavier. He was comforted by his mom and went back to sleep. Very sweet and important moment. Tina did not want a party but maybe this will be ok? Seems like too many people, but I guess Bette knows what she is doing and Tina is willing to try. They are talking and that is so important. Bette is scared which is understandable. Tina recognizes her issues and is very determined. Excellent chapter.

    2. This looks like progress for Tina. Better than earlier that afternoon. She responded to her son crying. She understood that Bette would be scared and she’s willing to have people over for a grill out. Things almost seem normal for Bette and Tina at this moment.

      I hope thing go well at the party… thanks for the update.

    3. Progress for Tina and i am glad it seems to come naturel to comfort Xavier!

      I understand very well that Bette was afraid that Tina had run off again in the middle of the night. And very good that Tina understands that. It will take some time for Bette to fully trust her again, but they talk about it and they will eventually be the family the way they want to.

      Tina knows she needs to start working on many things and is willing to do that and address her issues. She will never become a completely different person, but a better version who believes in herself.

      This chapter gives me hope!

    4. YAY! So proud of Tina. Excellent Chapter. Worried about the party and Tina needing to meet new people but it will be in her home where she can take a break. Bette is the caregiver for Xavier and for Tina at this point, who is taking care of Bette? So much progress in this update, thanks

      • I have wanted to ask that very thing. Who IS taking care of Bette? She has taken on so much and must be exhausted – physically and emotionally. Can’t imagine how panicked she felt when she work up and Tina was not in bed.

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