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    Friend of Foe?

    Fort Marc….

    The King’s Estate….

    A few days later, Strog is making his morning rounds, ensuring everything is pristine for the First Family’s morning meal. As he rounds the corner into the Foyer, a young female rushes over to him.

    N’tu: How could you allow this to happen?

    Strog glances at the woman as he continues to stroll along.

    Strog: I have many responsibilities; I’m afraid you will have to be more precise.

    N’tu: The Crown Princess is marrying someone who is unworthy of being attached to the First Family. She is an outsider. I will ask again, how could you allow this?

    Strog: The Crown Princess is more than capable of finding a suitable mate, and it is not our business nor our right to question whom she has chosen as her intendant.

    N’tu picks up her speed and steps in front of Strog, forcing him to stop walking.

    N’tu: I believe I of all have a right to question such an unsuitable choice…. for several years, it was thought that the Crown Princess and my sister would one day wed.

    Strog’s demeanor softens a bit as he takes a deep breath.

    Strog: Your eldest sister and the soon-to-be heir to the throne dated long ago N’tu, when they were of schooling age.

    Strog then pauses.

    Strog: We were all very brokenhearted when it was revealed that Zora was not of the surviving.

    N’tu wipes her tears.

    N’tu: My family still grieves. It is hard, but we are trying…. however, the revelation of the Crown Princes’ intended doesn’t make it easy…

    Strog places a comforting hand on N’tu’s shoulder.

    Strog: I understand your frustration, but as I stated, it is not our right to question the First Family. Now do have a wonderful day, yes?

    Strog walks away, and N’tu once again wipes her tears.

    N’tu: This outsider will never be accepted as the intended; I will make sure if it Strog.

    Strog stops walking but doesn’t turn back. He then takes a deep breath before he once again continues down the corridor….


    The Crown Princess’s Estate….


    The newly engaged couple is in bed snuggled comfortably under a plush blanket. Tina laughs and tries to muster up enough strength to pry herself from Bette’s warm embrace.

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    1. Really enjoyed the Chapter and so hope the next one will follow soon!
      Fell in love with Bette again and smiled through most of her dialogue

      Thanks for returning to the story, please continue soon

    2. I love this story. I always have. Bette is majorly cool. I was a silent reader back then. So we can assume Zora intends to cause some major trouble. Meanwhile our couple isn’t being careful. I think I remember the need for the protection. Could our sweet Tina be pregnant?

    3. BEG28
      Boy oh boy what a cliffhanger! Meanwhile we’re rocking like no time has passed at all. I thought the thing that would happen would be ‘ol nosey Alice spouting off in the newspaper printing Strog’s picture with a caption: Do you know this mystery Man?

      But Zola’s arrival is even better!! Let pushy Tasha deal with that! Something she can’t control nor deny. She best be ready to eat humble pie as she’ll have to go to Melvin, Kit and especially Bette for help.

      Anyway, I think the next thrilla to stir into the mix is Tina coming up pregnant. YUP!! She and Bette been going real deep 4getting to wear the protection “demanded” of them by Tasha and the Government. May as well send Eric into a conniption fit with this type of news. HeHeHe!!!!

    4. Hi BEG,

      A few days late but i am so happy to see this story back! And what a cliffhanger you left us with!

      Your Bette, how can you not love her! Standing up for her Tina and future children.

      Bette and Tina so in love and lust that they forgot to use the protection, hmm, Tina pregnant?

      Zorla making a grand entrance and now the whole world knows and she is the former lover of Bette and according to her sister destined to wed Bette. Not going to happen, whatever this girl wants or tries to do, Tina is the one who Bette loves!!!!

      Looking forward to the next chapter!

    5. omg… freaked out a lil when i saw an update. I had really missed your story. funny i just reread the whole thing last month because i missed it so much and now i just finished reading the update…. oh my! thank you for not leaving us and pls continue. i can’t wait for more… especially the slip-up of potentital BnT being preggers…

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