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    Bette looked at Alice who was starring at her with her mouth wide open. she couldn’t deal with what she had just heard.

    “You…Bette Porter are moving out of West Hollywood and out of LA to some hippy dippy ranch to be with a woman you barely know. Jesus Bette have you lost your mind,” Alice said, she couldn’t help herself. she wanted her friend to see how crazy she thought the situation was.

    “Alice, it’s not a hippy ranch, at the moment it’s a burnt down ranch, but we are designing the place together.”

    “Does Tina own the land and house right out?” Shane asked, sipping her coffee, sitting back in the chair a small smile on her face. she was very pleased for Bette. she knew that Tina was right for her but the rest of the gang hadn’t really reached that point yet, mainly due to how painfully shy Tina was.

    “Yeah, she bought it with her inheritance when her mother and father were murdered.”

    “Murdered?” Alice sat forward. She loved gossip.

    “I’m not getting into it with you. that’s private. But yeah. she bought the house and land. the land area is massive.”

    “Why does she want to live out there?” Alice asked, “I mean come on, Bette you’re a city gal. you love it in central LA. Your business is here, your house is here. you can’t be seriously thinking of just moving out like that.” Alice clicked her fingers.

    Bette reached forward and picked up her mug of coffee and took a sip. She was trying to form the correct words in her head. she didn’t want to lose her temper with Alice as that was the wrong way to go about things.

    “I’m not leaving my business, the gallery will still need to be ran, but I have galleries all over the world and could have a home study if I don’t want to drive into LA every day. Plus yes I have a nice house, filled with lovely art work but its not a home. It’s more like a show home. It’s horrible. I don’t like it. When I build the studio for Jodi I thought I could make that house into a home, but it didn’t and she left before I could even show the fucking thing to her. Tina uses and feels like it’s not her own because it wasn’t made for her. it wasn’t made with her form of art in mind. Tina is not a city girl she wants to live a quieter life. I would get away from the judging eyes of the lesbian community and give Tina something she wants. A home. a studio, a girlfriend who loves her and maybe yes maybe one day a family.” Bette said the whole speech carefully, choosing her words rightly as she knew she wanted to express to her friends how she really feels about the whole situation.

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    1. Wow… she didn’t even try one on. That is what is know as a true impulse purchase. I think its really sweet that Bette is so in love that she is ready to make a commitment to Tina. I just hope that Tina is ready for this and does not get scared off by the prospect.

      Until this chapter, I did not know that the land area was massive which Tina owns. I remember that it was a farm house type structure with a large garage. So Bette’s visits always had to be purposeful. And as expensive as land is in California, this is of significant value. Since it is near the Los Angeles area, I would say it would be several million dollar value. Of course California has a different standard as to what a ranch is composed of. I remember that a big recording artist had a ranch of 3 acres. In the south where I live, a 3 acre plot would be considered a large yard. Ranches and farms are all defined as being enough to have to have a tractor to grow plants or raise animals which means 25 acres or more.

      I love the fact that Shane is always in Bette’s corner and that she is always been a really judge of character. Poor Alice, she somehow always is just a little behind where things are and ends up insulting people rather than being supportive. She will come on board sooner or later.

      Thanks for this chapter…

    2. I am still enjoying this story!

      Alice, how i don’t like her, she is supposed to be such a good and close friend but she really annoys me. A big mouth and always stick her nose right into it. I understand she is worried for Bette, but how she reacts and talks, no not a friend i would have.

      Shane on the other hand, that is a friend i would want to have. She is the opposite of Alice, she listens, gives good advice and supports Bette. She understands that Tina is different and needs more time to get out of her shell.

      Bette goes a bit quick, living together and also buying commitment rings, but she is very happy and has found the love of her life. Of course they will sometimes argue or disagree but they are both happy and choose each other.

      Looking forward to the next chapter!

    3. Thank you for the this chapter!

      I don’t like Alice in this chapter – but i think in one thing she can’t be right – it very bid decision for Bette – to leave LA and move in the ranch. If she ever live at least part time out of town? If she could be boring without city life? I think it’s huge and she could need more time to think about all nuance of that step

    4. A lot of fan fiction portrays Alice this way. Not a very nice or supportive friend. Thinks she knows Bette better than Bette knows herself and what she wants for Bette is not what Bette wants. Alice is my least favorite L Word character while Shane is a loyal friend. Bette was impulsive with the rings. Hope she is not rushing Tina.

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