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    From the Ashes – Part Five

    Chapter Fourteen

    You know the difference between the law and justice, and that the two don’t always mean the same thing. Eric’s words to Bette on her first day as a detective replayed in his head like a mantra. After eleven years on the job, that notion sometimes not only meant bending the law but also breaking it. Today, he would do just that for her.

    Lieutenant Joyce Wischnia and Agent Nate Prichard consulted each other in the corner of the interrogation observation room. Each whispered back and forth, then nodded in clear concurrence. They turned toward the gang.

    “Do what you have to, but don’t put him in the hospital,” Joyce said.

    “Do yourself a favor and make sure it doesn’t show beyond what you’ve already done,” Prichard said before closing the door behind him and Joyce, leaving only Eric, Bette and Tina to discuss how to extract out of Barnes information about Padrino.

    Eric removed his jacket, then draped it over the back of a chair. He rolled up his sleeves, one at a time, evening each of the folds. He’d done this twice before in his career, reserving it as a last resort when the ticking clock worked against him. The previous time a missing child’s life hung in the balance, and he considered himself lucky to have returned her to her parents that same day. Tonight, he considered this missing girl family, and he would do whatever it took to find her.

    “I’d prefer it if you two left.” Eric glanced first to Tina, then settled on Bette’s solemn face. Burdened by a debt he could never repay, this represented a chance to make a hefty down payment. He couldn’t let Bette see how far he would go to right what he had done.

    “We’re partners, Eric.” Bette ran her tongue along the backside of her bottom teeth. “I should be in there with you.”

    “What you don’t see, you can’t testify to.” Eric narrowed his eyes, preparing himself for the violence he would soon carry out. “I’ll let you know when it’s done.”

    “Let’s go, babe.” Tina grabbed Bette’s hand. “I need a cup of coffee.”

    They left and closed the door behind them, leaving now only Eric to do what had to be done.

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    1. Hi CN,

      Totally gripped for the whole34 pages!
      Loved it even though most of the time I was on the edge of my seat with worry!

      Thanks for this post look forward impatiently for the, next!

      Great story, storytelling and writing!
      You have Talent my friend

      • SassyGran, There you go, making me blush again. But it’s always good to hear I kept you on the edge of your seat. Next week will be the exciting conclusion. Hope you like it. Thanks for reading, my friend.

    2. Thanks CN for another enthralling chapter! I was so absorbed in the story that I nearly had a heart attack when my doorbell rang ;-)

      Great moment in the situation room when they watched the raid of Padrino’s property. The story picked up pace and it felt like I was skimming through a story book take by take.
      Of course it couldn’t be that easy to free Reagan and Chandler. It would be great if both could free themselves or at least contribute. They make a great team.

      I just hope T + B with Eric’s help will manage to defeat El Padrino. Maybe there will be a big shoot out. Or a duel like High Noon ;-) But please don’t kill Eric. I have a bad feeling.

      Something I forgot to write last time: The scenes when Chandler is identifying the outside sounds make me think of “Sneakers”. You remember the ’90s movie where Robert Redford describes every sounds he heard in the back of a van? Tina’s dad is a very attentive lawyer with an eye for detail. Like it!

      Thank you for posting!
      Enjoy your weekend.


      • kiwipit, You better disconnect that doorbell of yours. Next week’s conclusion just might give you that heart attack. I hadn’t seen “Sneakers,” but I checked out the recount of the van clip on YouTube. I can see the similarities. I remember my training. I was taught attention to detail could save my life one day. Chandler brought that concept to life. Thanks so much for reading.

    3. Ok, maybe i will be in minority here, but i like Quintrell. It’s my favourite male character in this story. Too bad for me, but i have a feeling he will die in this exchange.
      Second – i don’t like how they handle situation with Melina. For now, without her cooperation – it’s just kidnapping. They can’t press charges to her, because they have nothing on her, but they send her behind the bar.

      • Zhenya, Have you ever seen the TV show “The Blacklist?” Raymond Reddington is a character we all love and hate in my household. He’s a pompous bad guy who does bad things, and even worse things when he thinks he’s been wronged. But he’s protective over the ones he loves. Quintrell is similar. I can’t blame you for having a soft spot for him. Regarding Melina, Eric baited her into slapping him, so he had just cause to book her. My advice: never assault a cop inside a police station. You’ll sit in a cell until the next available court hearing. Thanks so much for reading.

    4. Hi CN:

      What an intense chapter.

      Apparently, Quintrell, knows he is already dead because of his father (but he wants to take him along to the hell), it is good he is helping the police, I think his drive is the love for Rosa, the revenge against his father and of course, his son.

      I hope Chandler and Reagan could escape their captors, they are making a good team together.

      I have a bad feeling about Eric without a bulletproof vest.

      However, the hatred of Quintrell for his father may push him to step between his old man and the police in favor of the last ones.

      I was amazed, the way of Melisa talking about his father, recognizing he is a drug lord and saying that “she won’t betray him”, may be enough to send her to jail; I think the police must dig on the passports of the newcomers from Mexico in El Padrino’s plane.

      Great story CN, waiting to next week to find if El Padrino dies, how the police rescue Chandler and Reagan and what’s about the adoption.

      Thanks again.


      • proteonomics, So glad you’re enjoying the story. I’ve tried to make this one more of a thriller while B&T continue to get closer. Hope to not disappoint you next week with the conclusion. Thanks so much for reading.

    5. Wow CN,

      This story is so captivating, you want to read from beginning till the end without distraction, like my wife and dog are trying to do 😉

      Let the game begin and hopeful without losses, don’t like that Eric is without a bulletproof vest, he is a good man and i like how he is such a incredible partner and friend to Bette, she can’t suffer another loss.

      Chandler and Reagan make a great team, hope that they are able to escape before the confrontation.

      Looking forward to the next chapter!!!

      • Bibi28, Make sure your surrounds are squirrel-free so your dog can catch up. Eric is a great partner and will do anything for Bette. We’ll find out why next week. Thanks so much for reading.

    6. This high-intensity bonding experience for Bette and Tina is going to push them to the brink of exhaustion once this is all over; assuming one of them isn’t killed off!

      I am not okay with Eric sans protective vest. Too risky to be figured out that he isn’t really Antonio.

      Reagan and Chandler better find a way out of that garage and, more importantly, out of those restraints!

      Tonight, I am anticipating that many of my favorite Game of Thrones characters will get die in an epic battle that I’ve been preparing for all week, but it will absolutely destroy me if next week reveals that my favorite characters in this story are also sacrificial lambs.

      Fantastic storytelling as usual, my friend. Looking forward to the devastating culmination! Cheers!

      • MeLL, Hope your favorite GoT characters survived the epic battle. Depending on who are your favorite characters in Ashes, you may walk away crushed, maybe not. I’ve so enjoyed writing Flames and Ashes. It’s tested my writing ability to keep a reader’s heart pumping with action scenes and hopeful for a budding romance. I hope I’ve hit the mark.

        Hope you work on your other pieces and post soon. You got some serious writing chops, my friend.

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