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    From the Ashes – Part Three

    “You’re sure?” Prichard turned to Bette.

    “Positive. The wife confirmed it. She said the older man with her was her husband’s father and Quintrell was her son’s uncle. I have no doubt the old man is the head of a cartel.”

    “What makes you think that?” Prichard asked.

    “I followed him to that house in Oakland we told you about, and when he left, Los Dorados ambushed me.”

    Tina gave Bette’s thigh a gentle squeeze beneath the table. Hours had passed, but Bette’s close call still had her on edge, and Tina’s reassuring touch helped.

    Prichard offered Bette an appreciative nod. “Glad you made it out, but this is way above my pay grade. I need to bring in Washington D.C.”

    Bette’s stomach soured. A house of cards, her case had only the gray-haired man to tie Quintrell to Los Dorados. Bringing in more Feds and more bureaucracy at this point would take the fate of Quintrell and the cartel out of her hands. She feared the case might go nowhere.

    “Let’s think about this, Nate.” Joyce shook her hand up and down to cajole him into hearing her out. “First, we don’t know how far this goes. Nor do we know if anyone else in the Justice Department or the DEA is helping him. If we bring in outsiders, we lose control and the element of surprise.”

    “I’m listening.” Prichard relaxed his posture, a sign she held his interest.

    “Second, this relates to the death of a San Francisco CSI agent. We have jurisdiction. Everything we have on Quintrell is circumstantial. Why not let SFPD, along with Agent Kennard, continue to investigate and bring Quintrell in for questioning when the time is right?”

    “You’re proposing a joint operation?”

    “Unofficially, it already is. Agent Kennard has been an integral part of us getting this far.” Joyce pointed at the three across the table. “These three have been a well-oiled machine. They know the players. This is their turf. Let’s not bring in any more outsiders until we have to.”

    “I can get whatever warrants you might need,” Kyler said.

    Prichard turned his attention to Tina. “I was wondering if I had made a mistake bringing you up, Kennard. I see now you were the right choice. You’ve done good work.”


    1. still a few chaptrs from end of this book and a thought keeps disturbing my peace….do B&T have a protection plan for Rachel?? And Tina’s folks?? And Eric?

      Surely, they expect A-Hole head of the cartel to retaliate,and set about to do it quickly????

      Hmmmmm. . . back to this cliffhanger!!!

      • DumplinT, My dad was my role model. He’s gone now, but he left me with his tenacity, strength, and zest for life. I wanted to weave that concept into this story. Reagan is a blend of heart and courage, a product of being raised by a parent of the same traits. So glad you’re enjoying the story.

    2. I love Bette & Reagan together!

      Glad that Reagan likes Tina and was honest about that the fact she missed to see Bette and her mother together. But she gives Tina a fair chance and i love her for that.

      Bette is finally free to love Tina, yes!!! To love someone new after you lost your spouse will not say you will ever forget them, you will always have them in your heart.

      I hope the family of Tina and Reagan have protection, it is eye for a eye, they are in danger and i hope that Bette and Tina, but their bosses as well realize that and made sure that they took care of that.

      Great chapter, looking forward to the next one!

      • Bibi28, Grieving the loss of a spouse is so different from grieving the loss of a parent or a sibling. You can never find another mother or sister, but you can find another love. For some people, like Bette in this story, romantic love doesn’t come easy, but when it does, it’s for a lifetime. Coming to grips with the idea she also found it in Tina was jarring and took time to sort things out. Any other way just wouldn’t do the story justice. So glad you like the story.

    3. Hi! Thank you for the new part!

      So, Reagan and Tina’s father need protection?

      I like Reagan behavior towards Tina during the dinner, but i don’t like Bette’s towards her during this part. If you not ready – don’t tease. Because this push-pull game it’s just not right. Not mention that fall to sleep during first sex time – not the best start.

      But maybe in next part things ready to change? We’ll see.

      • Zhenya, How does one really know when they’re ready after grieving the loss of a spouse? The pull these two feel is strong and they’re inching closer. Personally, I’d rather have a few starts-stops, than have regrets. Thanks so much for reading.

    4. Thanks for this chapter. CN. I had to slow down myself while reading. I was rushing through the pages fearing that something bad would happen. The extraction of Rosa going wrong, Eric being shot or worse Tina, Tina being captured or killed while taking the trash out. The tension is really getting to me.
      I hope that with Quintrell’s help they’ll be able to get El Padrino before one of his goons gets to Tina or Bette or any family member.

      Are you going to post on the Easter weekend or do you take a break? Please give us a nice Easter Egg :-)

      • kiwipit, My goodness, that was quite the compliment, having to slow yourself down. Buckle up for the next installment next weekend (no holiday break for me). I’ll turn the tension up even higher. Thanks so much for reading and leaving a comment.

    5. I like the pace of this story. Now Bette and Tina need to find out who on the DEA might be helping the Cartel, could it be Prickhead?
      I don’t think Tina needs to worry about Her and Bette’s relationship because Music and Passion were always the fashion and they are in love.

      • bubcris1, FInding the right balance of fast-paced action and slower-paced emotional or sexy scenes is always a challenge for me. I went to countless drafts, mixing up the different scenes to keep the tension building, yet give you, the reader, a needed break from time to time. I guess I hit the mark with this version. Stay tuned next week to have your question answered. Thanks so much for reading. It means a lot.

    6. Hello CellaNox

      Loving this story. You’ve really got us on the edge of our seats awaiting the next twist and turn. I think Bette especially needs to slow down on trying to start a sexual relationship with Tina, she’s obviously not ready and all her visions of Avery telling her to go for it are to me all the more reason why she should slow down. I think adjusting to motherhood, allowing Reagan to get to know Tina, getting the adoption settled and being in a state of mind where they are not constantly in danger of losing each other might make for a better start to really explore their feelings and their future. Granted they had teen-age crushes but they don’t even know each other now and stealing moments in the middle of trying to bring down the cartel is exhilarating but it’s not sustaining.

      On a separate note, I noticed David didn’t tell Bette and Tina that he identified them to his father and that their families are in danger. Not sure how much he can be trusted withholding such critical information. I’m concerned about Reagan being alone expecting a social worker and it could be one of the goons, and of course everyone else that they associate with could be targets. Awaiting the next update. Thanks for a great book.

      • BAT2012, All great observations. David withholding that crucial bit of information will put their families at risk. Also, both women think slowing down would be the best thing. Get to know each other better, especially let Reagan feel comfortable with the situation. As we’ll see soon, sometimes events have other plans for us. I hope in the end, you think I’ve done the story justice. Thanks so much for reading.

    7. Hi CN:

      Great chapter, things are getting a little scary to read, thinking el Padrino’s people will be over Tina, Bette or their families any moment.

      Fortunately, so far, our fantastic couple has been ahead of the drug lord’s moves and now they are about to hunt el Padrino, but I still think there would be a counterattack by the drug dealer.
      I don’t trust much David Campos, many times (especially in certain families) blood is thicker than water, but revenge is sweet and David has a lot against her father.

      Happy that Reagan is reacting well about Tina, and happy that Bette is letting go about Avery; I know what it is, I’m familiar with the soft whisper of the dead ones; sometimes you need a push from them to keep going.

      I like how understanding is Tina with Bette, she already put her cards on the table, now is Bette’s turn to do the same, though we already know her cards.

      Despite they were separated for 20 years, the few intense months they have been together, have made them know each other deeply; I don’t think this feeling between them is just infatuation, I think they are really in love.

      Excellent chapter CN.


      • proteonomics, Blood may be thicker than water, but some things are unforgivable. Padrino crossed that line and David’s eyes are wide open now. Regarding our favorite couple, they’re on their way. Yes, they’ve spent several intense months together, and despite their starts-and-stops, they’re on the right track. Thanks so much for reading and dropping a comment.

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