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    From the Ashes – Part Two

    Chapter Three

    Bureaucratic red tape had its purpose, but not in this case. Both Reagan’s biological parents were dead, and just days ago, Judge Gonzalez had confirmed Bette as her legal guardian. In any reasonable system, a single stroke of the pen by the same judge should declare Bette as Reagan’s legal parent. But as Bette had encountered often in her job, reasonable outcomes seldom materialized without considerable intervention and required navigating many frustrating government hoops.

    Arriving at the bank of elevators in the lobby of San Francisco’s federal building, Bette repositioned her cell phone along her ear. “How soon can Social Services conduct the home study, Kadin?”

    “If we pay for a private contractor, we can have it done this week.” Kadin’s voice faded out once when the chatter of a group of men near the elevator got louder.

    “Do it.” Eric mumbling something forced Bette to press a finger against her other ear to better hear Kadin. “I want this done as quickly as possible.”

    “Consider it done. I have to warn you. Once I file, the court will notify both sets of grandparents of your petition. We may have a fight on our hands with the Santoses.”

    “You’re probably right, but I have two words for them: Bring it.” Stronger and more determined, Bette would make Avery’s wish come true. And despite her homophobic in-laws, she would become Reagan’s legal parent.

    “I like your style, Bette. I’ll let you know when I line it up.”

    Bette ended the call and slid her iPhone in her coat pocket.

    After boarding the elevator, Eric brushed back the flaps of his tailored dark blue suit coat. He accentuated his brawny shoulders by locking both hands on his trim waist to size up Bette. “You seem different.”

    “Different good or different bad?” Bette asked, tilting her head once.

    She felt different. The old Bette before the wildfire fixated on the past and what she had lost. Without the burden of guilt weighing her down, the new Bette considered the future and options she previously labeled inconceivable, such as single parenting and turning in her badge. While putting bad guys away still called her, the long, irregular hours and dangerous situations she sometimes found herself in didn’t have the same appeal. Reagan came first with Tina as a close second.

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    1. Original comment from DumplinT,

      Oh Geeze!!! Just read the part where Cantrell tells his murderous-fuck dad that Tina & Bette are responsible for Caco’s death !!!

      Gettin’ hot up in here!!!

    2. Original comment from DumplinT,

      Man-O-man what an ending to this chapter!! 😱😱 Gosh Bette and the gang are gonna have to put a plan together to capture the old man & Quintrell like cho-chop!! Sure dont want them finding out about Rachel

      Seems like they must deal with this threat way before they get a chance to add to their relationship

    3. Original comment from DrA,

      OMG!!! What a nailbiter of a chapter…could hardly read fast enough to keep up with Bette’s racing heart and escape from the ambush. I could actually envision Jennifer Beals acting this scenario magnificently! (remember “TAKEN”?) Thanks for posting another terrific story 😆! Eagerly awaiting your next post of “Ashes” and everything that follows.

    4. Oh my God, my heart almost stopped beating!

      Thank god they are both safe for the moment.

      What a rollercoaster!

      And Quintrell gave his father their names, their lifes are in danger. I hope he will be catched and put in jail and makes a deal so that they can tear the cartel down. He disliked Caco, now more when he married his girl back all those years ago. Wonder if you will give us the story behind that.

      He never really was interested in this cartel and was insane jeaulous when Caco became a part in this family, dreamed of his kan law practice but will he give his father to the law? I hope so.

      Please keep Bette & Tina, Reagan, Eric, Chandler save from any harm!

      Exciting chapter, truly a rollercoaster!

    5. That was intense, CN! Not only their physical attraction that grows stronger every day.
      It’s a good thing that Tina managed to end the moment in the interrogation room. Her explanation seemed to be exactly what Bette needed to hear.

      While I can’t shake the feeling that there might be a change of career for both Tina and Bette in the end, I really hope that they can end this case with smashing the cartel but without anymore deaths. Not the good ones, no family or friends of Bette or Tina, please. Neither one of them would survive it.

      It’s going to be a long week waiting for the next part. ;-)
      Thanks for posting, CN!

    6. Thank you for the another part of this story!

      So Caco brother hated him because he stole his woman – Rosa ( i knew she was with his brother in chapter 1). If this was their father’s decision – it means that Quintrell holding grudge against him too. And maybe if he will hane no choise he might give evidence against cartel.

      Waiting for the next part!

      P.S. Waiting for Tibette first time!

    7. Read and so enjoyed this last night but my comment seems to have been swallowed up in the ether!

      Anyway –
      What a great Chapter, it had me on the edge of my seat all the way through, I almost forgot to breath.
      Great writing my friends.

      Looking forward to more,
      Thanks for posting

      • SG, You put a smile on my face. “Edge of my seat” and “forgot to breathe” were just what I was going for. THere’s much more in store, so buckle up…and don’t forget to breathe! Thanks so much for reading.

    8. Hi CN:

      What a chapter; very diverse in emotions including the boxing of Bette’s car by the gangsters and the lack of answers from Tina. Oh my God, my hands were sweating while reading the chapter; how many times I felt the same distress when a lover or a relative didn’t answer a phone call during a very dangerous situation and I thought the worse.

      I think Bette is changing very fast, she is getting ready to give herself to Tina; additionally to their real feelings and love, perhaps is because they are very close to each other due to the case against the drug cartel.

      I think Tina is right, she doesn’t want a good fuck with Bette, she wants to make real love with her and that goes beyond than a casual orgasm, they are not teenagers anymore, they are two grown women who know what they really want.

      Well, CN, I think the situation is pressing; I believe this is like a contest against the clock, a matter of life or death. The key thing, for me, is who hits first. if our girls work the detention of Quintrell before el Padrino’s people reach them or their loved ones, Bette and Tina could defeat the cartel, and perhaps Prickhead, who, I think, is Quintrell’s accomplice.
      Otherwise, Reagan, Chandler and perhaps Kadin could be targeted by el Padrino’s people; or maybe the persecution of the gangsters on Bette’s family could difficult the legal adoption of Reagan.
      Anyway, I have to wait for the next chapter to find what will happen. Excellent story CN, thanks again for this.


    9. That was intense. I struggle between my admiration of your talent and my envy of it. You are so good, Cella.

      Now that Bette and Tina are in the crosshairs of the cartel, it is only a matter of time before their residences and friends and family members are targeted. Time to pick up Reagan and leave town until it all blows over! That poor kid. She needs to be shipped off to the paternal grandparents’ house for a while.

      Let’s get that hospital footage and put the cuffs on Quintrell ASAP!

      • There you go, MeLL, making me blush again. Big fan your writing!! Got to thinking about shipping off Reagan at this point. Made me wish I had a personal narrator for my life that would warn me when it was time to pack things up. I’d get into only half the trouble I usually find myself in. Anywho, I have a few more heart-pounding scenes in store.

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