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    Full Circle: An Art Opening (Chapter 1)

    Bette Porter looked around the large space, that was showing some work she’d never thought she’d get the chance to show. Her daughter’s donors work. Marcus Allenwood had died the year before and Bette had been put in charge of the late artists work and she had taken the time to make sure that Marcus got the show that he deserved.

    Bette’s eyes were suddenly drawn to a woman she knew inside out. A woman who she knew was the love of her life but she really didn’t know how to express herself to that woman, she’d thought after twenty-five years of knowing each other. She watched as Tina took a glass of wine from one of the waiters and returned to looking at the painting, a painting that belonged to Angie, it was ‘her’ a piece that Marcus had painted for Angie.

    Bette took her in, she was wearing a lovely green/yellow high collared top, weather a leather skirt with a slit up on the side and a pair of boots that Bette knew she’d had for years. Her hair was up and out of her face, her make up flawless. All Bette wanted to do is hold her, tell her that she was the one for her and that she would change just to be with her.

    Bette looked down for a moment,

    “You need to talk to her,” Shane said sliding in beside Bette, holding a bottle of beer and looking very cool and relaxed,

    “I don’t know what you mean?” Bette said, taking a glass of champagne, she took a sip.

    “You do, we all know.” Shane replied, “You two are supposed to be together, you told me yourself that Tina is the love of your life,”

    “She is, but I don’t have the right to…”

    “To what?” Shane asked, looking at her friend, a woman she’d known all of her adult life. A woman who had been there through all her mistakes, from leaving Carman at the alter to her recent divorce.

    “To burden her. She wanted to be free.”

    “She did, her career is bigger than any of us thought, even when she was at Alphaville all those years ago, or even making fucking Lez Girls. She’s made something of herself in the last few years.”

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