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    Full Circle: Tina’s Reply (Chapter 2)

    “Get in the car Bette,” Tina said slowly. As she pulled her door closed.

    Bette walked around and got into the passenger side. They looked at each other for a moment. The traffic started to move and they moved slowly with it, Tina didn’t speak. she was still processing the words that Bette had said. They were going around and around in her mind. They were silent for the half an hour journey to Bette’s house. She pulled into the drive way and they sat there as Tina turned of the engine.

    “A year,” Tina whispered.

    “What?” Bette asked, turning her body to look at Tina.

    Tina looked into the big brown eyes that had always made her weak.

    “A year, I ask you that question a year ago,”

    “I know, I know. I’m sorry,” Bette said softly. “Tina you’re the one for me. I shouldn’t have ever let you go in the first place. I love you so much. I always have from the moment you walked into the gallery twenty five years ago. I saw you tonight and all I could think about was how much I love you.”

    Tina felt the tears in her eyes. They had both made mistakes. Some bigger than others. Bette wanted to reach out and touch her. She wanted to hold her. she remembered how good she smelt, how soft her skin is, how hungry her lips can be.

    Tina felt a lump in her throat.

    “Bette…” She whispered her name.

    Bette’s phoned went off, she looked at it, it was Angie saying she was going back to college. Bette knew they were alone now. Bette looked back at Tina and could see the emotion in Tina’s hazel eyes.

    “What do you want Tina?” Bette asked softly.

    Tina didn’t answer, After a few moments,

    “Come in and I’ll make us some coffee,”

    Tina nodded as they both got out of the car and headed into the house. Bette turned some lights on and was soon making them coffee in her large kitchen. Tina lent against the counter. She watched as Bette moved around the kitchen. A memory came back to her, the memory of Bette making stir fry when she was with Jodi and Kit had taken Angie to Disneyland. Tina remembered that afternoon, burnt food and good sex. She smiled softly.

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    1. Great chapter! Finally they are on the same path, the path of being together forever!

      And no Bette, i didn’t found you horrible to Carrie, she was a bitch to you and you kept calm and stay civelle to her.

      • Totally agree. Especially about Carrie. Bette was NOT horrible to Carrie. In fact she kept her opinions to herself, and stayed clear of Tina (except when there was an “Angie” matter.

        Remem how shocked Bette was when she jerked the door open (thinking it was one of her campaign Aides and it was Tina?

    2. Good follow up chapter. I’m with Bibi… Bette responded to Carrie and her socializing problems. Bette was straight forward and clear as to what her relationship would be with Carrie. They would never be friends and Carrie should never have been under the impression that they would be. Carrie ‘s desire to have a friendly relationship with Bette was/is totally irrational. Bette tried to communicate her plan for their relationship and Carrie then decided to be the victim. If Bette were going to be a true bully, she could have been a lot more demeaning in her word than she was.

      This story lines up well with Generation Q’s writing of Bette and Tina. The problem is, I do not understand this Tina nor exactly what broke them up in the first place… so what is going on between the two is difficult for me to comprehend. The idea that Tina questioning Bette as to whether she still loves her is some kind of code for “I want you back” seems so strange to me. Tina left…. Tina has to make the move to get them back together. And for me the first line in the conversation would never be “Do you still love me?” But that is what is presented in Generation Q. This story does well for what presented by Gen Q.

      Thank you for this story… I think this is as good as it gets with the Gen Q trajectory.

        • May I ask how do we know that Bette “crushed their marriage”? I have yet to see on Gen Q a real discussion on the subject… She told Angie she left because she felt half a person… she told Bette that she took all the oxygen out of the room… Bette’s priorities were always number one…. and I didn’t hear Bette say…. you know you are right, that’s exactly what happened. I deserved to be be left and not have a clue as to what happened (per what she told Shane while smoking marijuana). To me Tina was speaking in an angry triad trying to rationalize why she left and in reality, none of that makes any sense given who Tina and Bette were in episodes 5 & 6 in TLW.

          To me, the whole story line of the divorce is still very much unexplained….who is at fault is simply unknown…. what happened in the 10 years between OG and Gen Q is anyone’s guess…

          Thankyou for your comment….

          • U’re right that the divorce scenario NEVER made sense. And it still doesn’t.

            These two knew thru excruciating pain, HOW & Y to fight for their relationship, and as far a we knew they BOTH were willing and capable of spotting obvious threats (like Kelly pulling her shytt on Bette and noisy Jenny capturing the incidence and then trying to blackmail Bette with the “I’m gonna tell/show Tina).

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