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    Full Circle: Tina’s Reply (Chapter 2)

    “I want you,” Tina whispered.

    Bette turned, her hair wiping around as she moved so quickly. She looked at Tina, who was holding onto the counter.

    Bette walked around the counter and stood in Tina’s personal space.

    “Say that again,”  Bette demanded,

    “I want you,” Tina said a little stronger this time.

    Bette slowly reached out her hand cupping Tina’s face, she heard the soft moan that escaped her lips. Bette smiled softly glad that she still had this power over Tina. Bette slowly moved forward and captured Tina’s lips. Tina melted into the kiss her own hands moving along Bette’s naked arms, feeling the muscles ripple under her finger tips. The kiss quickly become heated as both women deepen the kiss, both as hungry as the other. It had been so long since they had been like this. Bette pulled back and lent her forehead against Tina’s and watched as tears ran down her cheeks. Bette slowly wiped them away.

    Tina licked her lips tasting Bette’s lipstick on her lips. No other woman or man had kissed her the way Bette had. She found herself breathless. Tina gently moved her fingers up and down Bette’s strong arms. she could feel the goosebumps that covered her skin. It had been a long time since they had openly touched each other in this way. Tina gently kissed Bette’s lips again before pulling back.

    “I love you Tina Kennard, it’s always been you. You’re the love of my life.” Bette whispered.

    “I love you too, it’s always been you, even when I walked away I should have known it was always you,” Tina admitted.


    “Left me,” Tina admitted, she hadn’t said anything to anyone about it.

    “I’m sorry,”

    “Are you really?”

    “For selfish reasons I’m not as sorry as I should be,” Bette smiled slightly.

    “She couldn’t live in your shadow. She kept saying you were in love with me, over and over and that’s when I started questioning it,”

    “Are you saying that it’s Carrie’s fault you’re in my arms now,”

    “Yeah I suppose I am,”

    “I will send her flowers for this.” Bette smiled.

    Tina laughed.

    “Don’t Bette please,”

    Bette nodded,

    “Okay, okay.” Bette kissed Tina again, this time it was a series of little kisses. Each one become more passionate. “I’m sorry it’s taken me so long,”

    “I just needed an answer and I knew I shouldn’t keep pushing you. I didn’t have the right to push you,”

    “I can see why, you needed answers.”

    “I needed to know. Our relationship has never been easy, it’s always been such hard work. I needed to find who I was, what I was,”

    “You couldn’t find the sunshine because of my shadow,” Bette said softly.

    “I was losing my self identity. It was happening with Carrie as well, everything was about her. When Ang told us that Marcus was dying, we came out of that meeting and Carrie listed off everything that she needed, not what I might need or Angie. She felt like you’d verbally beat her up.

    “I had been awful to her,”

    “You don’t like her,”

    “I can’t like anyone that has you, apart from me,”

    “I know who I am now, I’m Tina Kennard, TV Producer that’s in high demand, I’m mother to Angie Porter-Kennard,”

    “And lover of Bette Porter,”

    “Just because we’ve kissed…”

    “We have kissed, and now I want to take you to bed.”

    “You want that?” Tina raised her eyebrow.

    Bette smiled, she loved that Tina was who she was. It was like in the last few years Tina had reached inside of herself, matured and become this amazingly sexy independent woman.

    “You know I do, I want you in my bed for the rest of my days,”

    Tina smiled, knowing full well that this was what she wanted as well.

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    1. Great chapter! Finally they are on the same path, the path of being together forever!

      And no Bette, i didn’t found you horrible to Carrie, she was a bitch to you and you kept calm and stay civelle to her.

      • Totally agree. Especially about Carrie. Bette was NOT horrible to Carrie. In fact she kept her opinions to herself, and stayed clear of Tina (except when there was an “Angie” matter.

        Remem how shocked Bette was when she jerked the door open (thinking it was one of her campaign Aides and it was Tina?

    2. Good follow up chapter. I’m with Bibi… Bette responded to Carrie and her socializing problems. Bette was straight forward and clear as to what her relationship would be with Carrie. They would never be friends and Carrie should never have been under the impression that they would be. Carrie ‘s desire to have a friendly relationship with Bette was/is totally irrational. Bette tried to communicate her plan for their relationship and Carrie then decided to be the victim. If Bette were going to be a true bully, she could have been a lot more demeaning in her word than she was.

      This story lines up well with Generation Q’s writing of Bette and Tina. The problem is, I do not understand this Tina nor exactly what broke them up in the first place… so what is going on between the two is difficult for me to comprehend. The idea that Tina questioning Bette as to whether she still loves her is some kind of code for “I want you back” seems so strange to me. Tina left…. Tina has to make the move to get them back together. And for me the first line in the conversation would never be “Do you still love me?” But that is what is presented in Generation Q. This story does well for what presented by Gen Q.

      Thank you for this story… I think this is as good as it gets with the Gen Q trajectory.

        • May I ask how do we know that Bette “crushed their marriage”? I have yet to see on Gen Q a real discussion on the subject… She told Angie she left because she felt half a person… she told Bette that she took all the oxygen out of the room… Bette’s priorities were always number one…. and I didn’t hear Bette say…. you know you are right, that’s exactly what happened. I deserved to be be left and not have a clue as to what happened (per what she told Shane while smoking marijuana). To me Tina was speaking in an angry triad trying to rationalize why she left and in reality, none of that makes any sense given who Tina and Bette were in episodes 5 & 6 in TLW.

          To me, the whole story line of the divorce is still very much unexplained….who is at fault is simply unknown…. what happened in the 10 years between OG and Gen Q is anyone’s guess…

          Thankyou for your comment….

          • U’re right that the divorce scenario NEVER made sense. And it still doesn’t.

            These two knew thru excruciating pain, HOW & Y to fight for their relationship, and as far a we knew they BOTH were willing and capable of spotting obvious threats (like Kelly pulling her shytt on Bette and noisy Jenny capturing the incidence and then trying to blackmail Bette with the “I’m gonna tell/show Tina).

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