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    Gallery Time

    Bette stood in the middle of Porter LA as she looked at the piece they were trying to put into place. She was hosting a group show and slowly all the artists work was arriving. The main public gallery was still open with a number of painting for sale, however on the upper floor the group show was taking shape.

    James walked over to her,


    “Yes James,”

    “We have a buyer downstairs,”

    “You can normally deal with that,” Bette said looking at her assistant, raising her eyebrow.

    “She doesn’t want to do business with the monkey. She wants to do business with you.” He said,

    “Did she insult you?”

    “Not really she’s just a little rude.”

    “Who is it?”

    “She said you’ll know her when you see her,”

    “She wouldn’t give you her name,”

    “Nope,” James sighed.

    “Okay, James, you finish up here, that piece doesn’t have the right lighting can you sort it out?” she asked softly,

    He simply nodded as Bette turned, making sure she looked business like. today she was wearing a smart dress shirt and trousers, her selves rolled up. her heels clicking on the steal steps down into the public viewing gallery. She saw who it was at once. She shook her head, when she saw Kelly stood in front of one of Tina pencil drawings that had been bought months ago but was still on display.

    “How can I help you Kelly?” Bette asked as she walked over to her.

    “Agh I didn’t think you’d see me,”

    “Well James usually runs the gallery. I’m only here because we have new pieces going in upstairs for a group showing I’m running next week.”

    “You’re not usually here?”

    “No I work from home mainly as you said I don’t live in West Hollywood anymore,”

    “Where are you?”

    “That’s none of your business,” Bette said slowly. “What can we do for you?”

    “I am a collector and was looking at this amazing pencil drawing, which I believe is your wife’s,”

    “It is. But it’s also not for sale because it’s sold. We have copies of it but this has been bought,” Bette smiled, looking at the pencil drawing the first one Tina had done after her seizure and it was the view from her hospital window. It had taken her half an hour and the detail as amazing.

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    1. Another nice chapter…. Tina in her way is very independent. She is still very much in control of her art and her life. And Bette supporting her is wonderful to see.

      Kelly? Still into the money. Can’t see that money is not the only motivator in people lives. Oh well….

      Thanks for this chapter… want more…

    2. Love this story. Tina seems to be improving with every chapter. I am surprised Bette didn’t send Kelly away immediately. Did anyone else find it intriguing that Tina was offered a web show and Kelly was at Porter LA the same day looking for an original TK? Kelly must be up to something that might lead to trouble for our girls!

      • Picked up on the flashing RED warnings that Kelly is surely the one who wants to snake her way into Tina’ business to sell Tina’s art. So how come Bette didn’t catch it??? IT was no coincidence that she tried to intice Tina with an offer, ten showed up at Bette’s gallery to see if the bait had been taken.

        Tina had made the right decision just with common sense and frugal financial thinking. Wonder as she thinks about it,if Bette will eventually do some research into Kelly

        I hate that Bette offers info about where she lives, Tina’s health or anything else about her personal life to Kelly, Jodi, or anybody ecoincidence

    3. Was thinking.

      Went back and re-read every chapter trying to see “why” Tina had been so sleepy and started having siezures. All together 4 or 5 in short succession which sounds like she would have debilitating repercussions right???

      Was she diagnosed with something and hopefully being treated?

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