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    Heading to LA

    “Yeah, I’m just waiting for your mom to come and then we will be heading the airport,” Bette said as she walked around the bedroom, her AirPods in her ears as she packed for her and Tina.

    “How is Mom?” Angie asked from down the line.

    “She’s excited,” Bette replied, smiling. She didn’t want to let on to her daughter that her mother was stressed and it wasn’t just the fact that they were arrange a wedding 2500 miles away from where they were living full time.

    “Are you?” Angie was more than a little excited that her mom’s were finally getting married again. It had taken her mind off her own break up.

    “Am I what?”


    “I’m very excited, but my most overwhelming emotion right now is happiness.”

    “You’re smiling more,” Angie said,

    Bette raised her eyebrow. She hadn’t expected her daughter to say that.

    “I smile more?” Bette shook her head as she put their shoes in their shoe bags.

    “Yeah you do, since you and mom got back together, you smile more.”

    “She makes me very happy, as do you,”

    “I’m glad you’re both happy and I can’t wait to see you both,”

    “Are you sure you don’t want to stay at the hotel? we can still get you a room,”

    “Mom honesty I will go home,”

    “Are you sure?”

    “Yes,” Angie’s laughter came down the line.

    “Okay, okay, I’ll stop.”

    “Please do. right I’ll see you both tomorrow are you going straight to the hotel,”

    “Yeah, they are sending a car to pick us up from airport,”

    “I love you,” Angie said softly.

    “I love you too, bye love,”

    “Bye mom,” With that the call ended.

    Bette finished putting the last of their stuff into the suitcase and closed it. She tucked her a lose hair behind her ear and thought if she needed anything else. She sat on the bed and smiled. This house was very much Tina, the art work carefully chosen, the whole place was stylish without being over the top and it felt like home, it was home. for the past six months since she’d ran through LA traffic she’d known wherever Tina was, was home.

    The front door opened,

    “Babe, I’m home,” Tina’s voice floated through the town house.

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