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    Health Concerns

    Press Article.

    Online New source




    BREAKING NEWS: President Elizabeth Porter, 45 has been rushed to hospital after a fall at the White House. It is believed that the President slipped on some stairs in the main building and was left unable to move.

    The President was seen moving slower than normal at her birthday party yesterday evening. Porter has life changing injuries after a suicide bomber tried to assassinate her two years ago.  Porter’s wife and partner of ten years died in the attack.



    Press Article.

    Online New source




    BREAKING NEWS: The White House held a press conference moments ago confirming that the President has indeed been rushed to hospital Clara Walton, the Press Secretary confirmed details with the following statement.

    “Early today the President was walking down the main staircase in the White House when she lost her footing and fell. Her Detail were unable to catch her in time and she fell badly. She was rushed to the nearest hospital and has since been moved to Lincoln Hospital which specialises in back injuries.

    The President is awake and positive about what is happening.”

    When asked if Dr Kennard was with The President the reply was

    “Dr Kennard is with the President and is ensuring that she rests while she is treated.”


    Press Article.

    Online New source



    BREAKING NEWS: Reports are coming out that the President has been discharged from hospital and has gone straight to her home in New Hampshire.

    The White House has advised that the President will be there for one week before returning to full duties in Washington.



    The Black Water Estate

    The Private Residence of President Elizabeth Porter

    Forest Lane


    New Hampshire



    Bette lay on the sofa, a blanket over her, a number of pillows propping her up as she was channel hopping. She’d had enough, four days after the accident and she was board with doctors and being fussed over. The only person she wanted fussing was Tina. Who wasn’t even with her at the moment as she’d had to go back to Washington for work. She knew that Tina was coming home tonight. Bette looked up as a member of her Detail walked in,

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