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    The White House

    The Oval Office

    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW,

    Washington DC

    District Of Columbia



    “Does someone in this room want to explain to me how this rag of a gossip website got all this information,” Bette looked at her senior staff. They all looked scared because they had expected Bette to come into the meeting ranting and openly angry about it. But she seemed calm which was worse.

    Dani looked around.

    “At the moment we are unsure how E got hold of most of the information they reported.” Dani said slowly.

    “Well let me put this out there. I want the source found. I want the information they are selling and I want their fucking ass’s out of this building. I’ve waited seventeen years and I’m not about to fuck up for a second time with Tina. Yes I’m the President but she’s the love of my life and my personal life is not a campaign or party issue, it’s a Bette Porter and Tina Kennard issue. I’m fed up of little stories breaking out about me and not this one is major, as in I’m selling my house. They could have found that from the agent selling the house but to know where I’m going and who owns the house I’m moving into, Fuck that’s too much information.”

    “Madam President,” Gigi, her Press Secretary looked at her.

    “Yes Gigi?”

    “I will make sure it’s no one in the Press team, if it is someone on my team I will personally drag them into your office,”

    “Thank you Gigi,”

    Gigi seemed to understand that Bette needed the privacy she craved away from the spot light.

    “I want this looked into at the highest level. Tina and I were not quiet ready for the news to be broken. Now please go, apart from Gigi,”

    The room emptied all knowing they had to find the person who had sold the story. Gigi waited until everyone had left. She looked at Bette. Who was writing on the paperwork in front of her before she picked up her phone, read a text and responded. She then looked up at Gigi,

    “Find a photographer please.”

    “We have an official White House one,”

    “Use him then, I would like some professional photos taken of me and Tina. Tina has agreed to this. The photos will be sent to my email and mine alone. I will share a statement on and on Instagram. We will not be doing it through the White House channels.”

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    1. This is a very interesting story. Really trying to anticipate how Madam President will help Tina regain as much of her mental toughness back as possible. She’s going to have to develop the ability to reach deep within for strength that overcomes!!!

    2. Ok, great chapter as expected. Who on the Presidents staff would give that type of personal information to the general public? That said, whoever it is is not loyal to Bette and clearly does not have her best interest in mind. They should be immediately removed from their post. I understand if Tina was an ax murderer or some other kind of felon that the people would probably have a right to know, but I’m sure when Bette told Dani that she would let the people know bits of her personal life as she and Tina were ready Dani would make sure the rest of the staff know not to let any info out until approved by the president. Whoever it is should be named and find it hard to find another position of any kind for not being being able to keep sensitive information under wraps.

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