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    “You are making it clear what is personal and what is professional?” Gigi asked,

    Bette smiled Gigi got what she wanted.

    “Yes. Tina is…” Bette took a deep breath. “Tina is everything to me, and I’m not losing her again, yes I love being President and if I’m a one term President so be it. I have the love of my life back in my life.”

    “She’s that important to you?”

    “She is, Gigi, I fucked up badly seventeen years ago and to know that I’m living with Tina again and that I get to wake up next to her. Kiss her. Hold her. Wow. I can’t tell ya,”

    “You must love her deeply.”

    “There is no one else for me. She’s the love of my life and I will not let the press, anyone in the building or the fact I’m President make her leave. I’ve finally got a second chance of happiness and I don’t want that to be ruined.”

    “We will do everything on your terms.”

    “Thank you, right get the photographer. I’m gonna put more causal clothes on and we can do a mini photoshoot. Then I’ve got meetings all day.”

    “Will you let us know when you want to release everything, just so I can field questions and give the correct answers.”

    “I will make sure you’re given a copy of whatever we post.”

    “Thank you,”


    “What does Dinner do for a living?”

    “She’s a famous writer,” Bette grinned.

    “I’ve never heard of her. She’s T. Kenter.”

    “I have her books.”

    “Yeah most lesbian’s do,  the press can’t find out she’s t Kenter.”

    “That’s between us.” Gigi smiled

    “Thank you,”

    Bette smiled, and Gigi knew the meeting was over when the door opened and James walked in with a folder for Bette.


    The White House

    The Residency

    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW,

    Washington DC

    District Of Columbia



    Bette opened the door and walked in and was hit by a wall of silence. She frowned. Since Tina had moved in their had been music or a podcast or something playing in the house. Bette put her briefcase down and walked into the living room, then the study, and then the bedroom. She smiled softly when she saw Tina lay on her side of the bed, holding Bette’s pillow sleeping. She looked younger than her years. Her hair pulled back into a lose ponytail at the nap her neck. Bette took off her jacket and removed her boots before gently sitting onto the bed, she reached out and gently moved a stray hair out of Tina’s make-up less face. She just took a moment to take in the fact that Tina was with her. Tina was lay in her bed. Tina was back in her life and it felt amazing.

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    1. This is a very interesting story. Really trying to anticipate how Madam President will help Tina regain as much of her mental toughness back as possible. She’s going to have to develop the ability to reach deep within for strength that overcomes!!!

    2. Ok, great chapter as expected. Who on the Presidents staff would give that type of personal information to the general public? That said, whoever it is is not loyal to Bette and clearly does not have her best interest in mind. They should be immediately removed from their post. I understand if Tina was an ax murderer or some other kind of felon that the people would probably have a right to know, but I’m sure when Bette told Dani that she would let the people know bits of her personal life as she and Tina were ready Dani would make sure the rest of the staff know not to let any info out until approved by the president. Whoever it is should be named and find it hard to find another position of any kind for not being being able to keep sensitive information under wraps.

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